Last Minute Shopping! Gifts for Him

Guest post by Jonathan Murray

In a time where it seems impossible to put enough money to the side for gifts, it may seem hard to get in the Christmas spirit. We know that it is sometimes a challenge to buy gifts for men. But no need to worry, the team at Swagger and Dapper has put together a few suggestions for gifts that can say a lot without costing too much.

Gift List:

1) Gym Membership (price varies depending on location)

What you are saying: I want you to take care of yourself and keep the sexy that you already possess.

2) Gas Card (you can choose the amount)

What you are saying: You may drive us around most of the time, but I got you on this one.

3) GQ Magazine Subscription ($12 for one year)

What you are saying: I want you to stay fresh to def and ahead of the game.

4) Tiffany & Co Money Clip 1837  ($125)

This is more of a splurge item but… What you are saying: I respect your hunger and drive. I see your potential and look forward to your success.


These are just examples of gifts that we feel guys will like. Whatever the gift, just make sure it says something. As men we don’t expect much, but we love the admiration that you show us. Peace and Love. Easy

Jonathan Murray is the co-founder of, a website that focuses on developing the complete man through health, spirit and of course style.


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