Valentine’s Day Serenade: Trey Songz Concert

by Jackie

Photos by Maronel Stewart

Trey Songz is my Valentine. Though he sang for a screeching crowd at Constitution Hall this Saturday, I felt like he was giving me a personal serenade. Though I have always liked his music and sang along to all of his mix-tapes on my iPod and sexy singles on the radio, I came to truly appreciate his vocal ability during his live performance. It’s very rare that an artist sounds better live than on record, but it’s true for Trey. His voice is amazing and he melted my heart with every note.

Attending the concert was part of my not-so-little sister‘s 18th birthday weekend. Momager came into town to surprise her and  one of my faves, Keren, organized an impromptu stop at Constitution Hall to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day with the R&B crooner. It was a great weekend!

Trey Songz wooed me with his smooth vocals.


Very few men can pull off a white suit, but he did so elegantly.


Though he is a very well-dressed man, he is also a very well undressed man.


My Valentines! (From left to right: Jenn the roomie, Maronel the lil sis and birthday girl, Momager, and Keren aka Ms. Make it Happen)

Momager came to DC from NY to surprise Maronel for her 18th birthday and celebrate Valentine's Day with me and the girls.

Happy Birthday, Maronel!


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Serenade: Trey Songz Concert

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  2. I had made a comment eariler, but Its not here. I submitted it, who knows where it is. Trey is my Valentine! God, he looks so fine and sexy in those pictures!

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