Channeling Channing

by Jackie


My mild obsession with Channing Tatum started six years ago when he played a high school basketball player in the film, Coach Carter. Though he had a small role, I will forever remember his appearance on the big screen.  So when Paul, the man behind Manshion, dropped this GQ feature in my inbox as a gift to my roomie and me, I squealed a little internally. Ok, ok. Maybe a little externally, too.

I recently tricked convinced a friend of mine to accompany me to see Tatum’s recently released film, The Eagle, without knowing what the movie was about. Ironically, beyond his shirtless scene, the movie is quite good.

Though I love all the shots in the slideshow feature, I especially like this one. The mix of style genres -- rugged leather moto jacket and shirt and tie -- is subtly interesting and undeniably sexy. Guys, outside of the 9-to-5, ditch the blazer for a leather jacket for an edgy, yet polished look.

Channing’s outfit totals more than $3,000, but you can pull off the same effect for much less.

Get the look!

Instead of the everyday jacket and tie, top your crisp white dress shirt with a leather moto jacket and a skinny neck tie.


Leather moto jacket: Wilson’s leather, $299

Skinny knit tie: J. Crew, $50 (TIP: If you’re a bargain hunter, check ebay or for cheaper ties)


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