A Little Dose of London Part II: Stay Warm ‘Fur’ Winter

Guest post by Christina Charlery 


Christina Charlery is a junior at American University; majoring in Print Journalism


Fur coats are no longer only seen paired with Rolls Royce’s and Upper East Side apartments. Finally, they’ve trickled down to our generation worn fashionably as well as inexpensively. Although the fashionistas in the States have already adopted the fur vest look, everyone and their mommas (literally!) have been rocking full fur coats over here in the United Kingdom. Whether its day, night, in the club, or in a restaurant – fur coats in London are just as common as North Faces in Brooklyn. Naturally, trends move from East to West. So, hop on the wave early so you can fashionably brave the North East’s harsh winter weather. Wearing snorkels to the club are a “no-no”, but a cute fur coat is a great alternative!

Check out this British street style picture! 


About Christina (in her own words):

I’m a junior at American University majoring in print journalism.  I was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, and I’m certainly enjoying my college life in D.C. Currently, I’m studying abroad in London, England and am loving every minute. In the future, I hope to work for a major lifestyle magazine or do
editorial work for an entertainment/ media company.


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