Pull some strings

by Jackie

This weekend, I took a break to visit my hometown friends in NYC. Before I met up with my besties, I took a detour to handle some very important business: my eyebrows.  My eyebrow hair is just as thick and as long as the hair on my head, so it can get pretty unruly at times if not maintained properly.  Given my schedule and the quicker than usual growth rate of my brows, I am always behind on getting them done. A friend of mine suggested that I tried Shoba boutique, she’d heard great things about them and their SoHo location was convenient for me.  Walking in, I forgot I was in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city streets. It was quiet and peaceful and smelled amazing!

The threading specialist was the best I’ve ever had. She worked quickly and arched my brow perfectly.  (I thread my eyebrows because waxing does not last long for me at all and I’ve noticed that threading is a lot more exact and makes the brow look cleaner.)  She recommended that threading be done once every two-and-half to three weeks.

There is no doubt that I’ll return to Shoba whenever I make a trip to NYC.


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