Thou Shall Not Give Up Chocolate.

by Jackie

Lent is the 40-day period leading up to Easter. During this time, many people give up something they enjoy as a form of sacrifice. One Lenten season when I was younger, I gave up Snickers bars — my ultimate weakness. Nowadays, I can hardly last a week without the the chocolate-nougat-peanut-caramel version of Heaven. I have no idea how I survived 40 days without it.  Once Easter Sunday came, I was so happy to be able to eat Snickers again, that I forgot  the purpose of giving it up. Another year, I gave up shopping. You can guess how that went.

As I got older, I decided that I would no longer use Lent to deny myself of something I liked. Rather, I would use it as a time to give up a bad habit and replace it with a good one. For example, last year, I worked on being patient. Although I still can be impatient about some things, I am much better than I ever was at taking things day by day.

This year, I’m focusing on meditating and keeping a steady gratitude journal. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of the 9-to-5, but taking a moment to be still and silent, and having a dedicated time to give thanks is important and necessary. I think it would improve my concentration, make the work day flow easier, and give me time to reflect. Why deny myself when I can better myself?

What would your 40-day Focus be?


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