by Jackie

With savings as much as $100 off retail, you can afford to get seasonal outfits. This short-sleeved purple tweed suit will brighten up your work wardrobe.

What fabulous weekend would be complete without a successful trip to the mall?! My girlfriends and I had all intentions of window shopping this Saturday afternoon. However, once inside The Limited, clothes went quickly from the window, to the dressing room, and happily into a shopping bag. Shani, an avid Limited shopper, convinced me to apply for a store credit card (I NEVER get them. I hate them. Store credit cards are the devil!) after she explained all of the benefits: extra discounts, FREE alterations, and an added bonus student discount (I will ALWAYS hold onto my student ID, Go AU Eagles!). The card allowed me to save tons on already deeply discounted suits at the store’s Semi-Annual suiting event.

The sale is perfect if you’re just starting out in your career, don’t have a huge budget, or if you want to add some unique suiting pieces to your basic wardrobe. At $100 off retail price, you can’t go wrong!

If you have already have the basics, take advantage of great sales and take risks. This edgy design will make you stand out in a professional way. That's A*cute!

Make sure to add a pop of color to liven up your look. Accomplish this with a bold, stand-out shell.


Shani did the impossible and convinced me to get a card at The Limited. She's a bad influence with great style and good intentions 🙂 . Thanks for the tip, girl!


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