Gone but not forgotten: Elizabeth Taylor

by Sherria

Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

I remember the smell of White Diamonds perfume on my grandmother’s skin and sitting down to watch Cleopatra with the family. Those were  two of the most memorable Elizabeth Taylor moments in my early childhood. When I got a little bit older, my favorite movie was the Flinstones, in which Ms. Taylor played Wilma’s mother. I also remember her being a true friend to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I think that’s when I started to love her the most. I could see that she really cared about Michael no matter what the media publicized about him. If I could describe Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor in three words, it would be Glamourous, Caring, and Poised. She may have passed away in death, but her memory will live on for generations. May she rest in peace.

My memories of Elizabeth Taylor:

The Flinstones (1994) Ms. Taylor plays Wilma's mother.

Cleopatra (1963) Legendary role as the Queen of Egypt

Ms. Taylor poses for an advertisment for her perfume, White Diamonds. The scent still reminds me of my beloved grandmother.


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