Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Mission (Im)Possible

Jennifer Tyre is a photographer and website specialist based in Washington, DC. Check out her work at

by Jackie

Stay tuned as Jennifer Tyre — one of my BFFs and my awesome roomie — chronicles her style journey.

by Jennifer Tyre

After two shopping sprees ended in disasters, I really began to loathe shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes and I love dressing up, but the thought of overcrowded stores, hundreds of selections, and long checkout lines is just daunting.

Luckily, as always, A*cute came to my fashion rescue. The advice was quite simple: make a game plan.

Usually I would shop for a specific event or with no prior thought of what I actually wanted. This time around I tailored my spring/summer wardrobe around a basic color scheme and items I already owned. Then, I created a list of “wants” beginning with a few of the clothes I noticed during my prior shopping misadventures.

I decided to go a more neutral route with a green, nude, and peach color palette — a far stretch from my typical black and white attire. I also like the idea of floral patterns for a more girly feel and also a military flair for a more edgy touch.

Below are the newest additions to my closet:

I like the flirty, summer feel of this look. Simple, yet colorful, something I could definitely use in my closet. (Forever 21)

Three words: skinny, zippers, pockets. I love the idea of matching these with a cute top and sandals, or a simple white tee and heels. (The Limited)


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