Inexpensive doesn’t mean Inferior

by Sherria

PURE ICE Nail Polish (Walmart, $2)

Before I started learning the difference between a “high-end” nail polish and a “cheap” nail polish, I would grab any color I liked from the counter at the beauty supply store. Sometimes it would take about four coats of polish in order for the pigment to show up the way I expected. When I got a little bit older, I started wearing my mom’s Revlon brands. But, to me, those colors catered to older people. As matte polish became more popular, my friends and I started wearing OPI and China Glaze. One day I couldn’t find a name brand matte polish in gray so I took a trip to Walmart to see what I could find. And, what did I find?  That’s right! Gray nail polish. I only had to put on two coats, just like the name brand polishes. I found the polish in the PURE ICE brand. I started to notice that Pure Ice had a variety of colors I wanted. Now, it’s one of my favorite nail polish brands and it’s only $2.  So, to all of you nail polish connoisseurs, inexpensive nail polish doesn’t always mean that it’s inferior to high-end brands. The Pure Ice is made by Bari Cosmetics, Ltd, but can be found at your local Walmart.

This week’s manicure:

PURE ICE color “Free Spirit”

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