Pretty Girls Rock Dresses at Tracy Reese

by Sherria

Last night, I attended the Pretty Girls Rock Dresses event at Tracy Reese dress boutique in the West Village. The event was hosted by T. Bernie (COCOACHIC Beauty), Claire (Fashion Bomb Daily), Coutura and Ferocia (The Glamazons), and Angela Yee (Radio Personality). The night was all about femininity and fabulocity. The mission of Pretty Girls Rock Dresses is to return to the ‘grace and charm of our mothers and grandmothers.’ I must say, every woman at the event was graceful. All adorned in beautiful dresses, the fabulous ladies networked, danced to our favorite tunes, shopped 20% off at Tracy Reese, and sipped cocktails made by drink sponsor Dot Au. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a room with so many talented and beautiful women all at the same time. I met so many beautiful women from New York City who are involved in fashion, beauty, blogging, or the arts in one form or the other. Hopefully we’ll all stay in touch and get the opportunity to work with one another.

Inside Tracy Reese (Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb Daily)

A*cute photos from the event:

Right: Beautiful hostess, Claire, from the popular urban fashion blog:

Click the link below to view the slideshow:


4 thoughts on “Pretty Girls Rock Dresses at Tracy Reese

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  2. I love Tracy Reese clothes, but I don’t like Tracy Resse showroom. That looks like my Aunts living room from 1975–that wasn’t cute back then either. Everyone gift is not in everything.

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