Whistle While You Work

by Jackie

I’m a worker bee — your typical Type A personality that is consumed with completing tasks and getting the job done as close to perfect as possible. Spending 40-50 hours a week at my desk pounding away at my keyboard may make me a good employee, but it doesn’t make me the best coworker.  I spend more time at work that I do anywhere else, so need to enjoy it as much as possible. Here are some ways that I’ve learned to “whistle while I work“:

  • Listen to music

I am a firm believer in having a work day soundtrack. I’ve always created playlists using iTunes and other tools, but after the death of the beloved iMeem (R.I.P.), my colleague Marisabel, suggested that I use Grooveshark to compile my set list for my daily “club cubicle” sessions.

  • Socialize

When we lived in the same city, Sherria and I used to have lunch at least once a week. Find a lunch buddy!

I take pride in multitasking. But, eating lunch at my desk every day while working made my day seem long and monotonous. Unless something is pressing, I’ve vowed to leave my desk and eat lunch with a colleague as much as possible. A lot of information can be exchanged in an hour that can help you navigate the workplace, and getting away from your desk breaks up the day. I find that when I have breaks, I can focus better on my work once I’m back at my desk.

  • Decorate your Desk/Cubicle/Office

I am not a fan of white walls. Almost every room in my apartment has an accent wall. Though I would love to put on some overalls and paint the walls in my office space, I’m pretty sure there is a policy against that. Instead, I got a cute French cork board to hold pictures and cards of important people/moments in my life. It helps to brighten up the day and make my space feel more homey. Click here for more desk decorating ideas.


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