Ask A*cute: Can I be a tomboy at work?

by Jackie

Angela Asks:

My sister, Maronel, in her suit and tie.

“I’m a college student and am about to start a job as a personal assistant. I am a huge tom boy who hates to wear heels and finds mens’ professional attire to be more my style.  I know women can pull off the suit and tie look, like your sister. Do you think that look is too much for everyday in the office…for a woman? I still have my feminine side so I would like to make a suit and tie look cute. Advice please?”

Injecting your personality into your work wardrobe is a must. When Sherria and I style clients, we make sure to get a sense of their personal style: favorite colors, themes, and influences. You look your best when you are confident and you are confident when you are yourself.

There are ways to incorporate menswear into your everyday work look, and still be feminine. If you opt to wear a tie, head to or Ebay and get a deal on a skinny tie like this vintage Ralph Lauren recently sold on


I like to mix and match genres all of the time. One of my secrets is shopping the men’s accessories sections in stores. I love wearing rugged pieces with girly dresses. I guess it’s not a secret anymore. 

You can also pull off this look by just adding oversized women’s accessories.

Get the look!

From left to right:

  1. Pleated blouse with tie neck, ASOS, $55.40
  2. Oversized Women’s Rose Gold Watch, Michael Kors, $195
  3. Pocket Watch, Charles Hubert, $195
  4. Blazer, Topshop, $32
  5. Oxfords, Ninewest, $41
  6. Unisex Chambray Button-up, American Apparel, $58

Style Inspiration:

(Google Images) Rihanna takes a break from her ultra-feminine and uber sexy dresses and looks crisp in this ode to menswear with this white on white pant suit at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.

Victoria Beckham looks sharp in slim cut slacks, a contoured vest, and crisp blouse.

(Google Images) Girls rule the world, even in menswear, according to Beyonce.

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