Guest Post: Office Mate to Night Owl in One Classic Outfit

by Dyane Jean François

Nowadays many professionals work from home or from shared studios without the banner of “professional attire” waving over them every morning, but most of us have to go to an office that is not ours to do our daily toil. Such offices require a certain presentation that may be different from what you’d wear out with friends. And, as the weather gets nicer, more cubicle dwellers are turning into night owls. This is especially true on Fridays. I firmly believe in the work-life balance. My motto is “Work to Live. Don’t live to Work” so I have a few tips for you to make a smooth transition from Office Mate to Night Owl. 

Be Forward Thinking
Remember that your 3-inch pumps will feel like 8 inches by the time the moon comes out. So, pack a quick change of flats before you leave home. Just your oldest raggedy flats. The older they are, the more comfortable they will be after you’ve danced your soul free. 

Layer, layer. Wear something sensual that will let you breathe easy at the club like a spagetti strap shirt or go sleeveless. Then, cover it up with a jacket or sweater so you feel at ease when you walk past your boss in the office. 

Shine, don’t blind. If you are going to wear jewelry, I suggest just a few bright pieces that add flair but not bling-alicious rocks. For one it will overwhelm your workplace attire. Second, you may lose it when you get on the dance floor. You want to dance, not babysit your jewelry. It’s best to save it for your sister’s wedding. 

Work to Live. Don’t Live to Work.  Do your job like you get paid to do it and then party because you earned it.

About Dyane
Author of I write about self-empowerment, how to turn passion into action, and the little spoils that light up this merry-go-round called Life. My motto is Be grateful for what you have. Use it to BUILD what you want. 

Education/Work: I’m a news producer and blogger at Huffington Post. Graduated from American University in Philosophy and Spanish Language 

Photo credit: Dyane Jean François

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