Maxing and Relaxing: How to Pull Off the Maxi Look in the Office

by Sherria

I have mixed feelings about wearing Maxi dresses in the office. Throughout the years, I’ve always viewed maxi dresses as a more casual outfit (i.e., to cover up on the beach, family picnics, etc).  However, Jackie and I took snapshots of two co-workers who wore maxi dresses in the office last year. I must say, I felt like those young ladies brought summer to the office (in a good way). Sometimes sitting in an office can seem so boring. I get tired of seeing people wear the same bland suits and khakis. So, seeing someone wear a maxi dress was a nice surprise. However, I don’t think you should overdo it. If you wear a maxi dress one time to the office during the summer, I think that’s enough. I wouldn’t wear it all the time. I would also suggest wearing it on casual Friday. If I’m only in my 20’s and view maxi dresses as a bit casual, just imagine what your boss may think. I thought I would put together a few tips on how to make your maxi dress more work appropriate.

 Quick Tips

1)      Make sure your dress isn’t see-through. If so, wear a slip underneath to avoid anyone seeing your underwear.

2)      Instead of a maxi dress, you can opt for a long light pleated skirt.

3)      Cover up on top. Your cleavage should not show. Sometimes the bands at the top of a maxi dress can push your boobs up. If so, don’t wear that particular dress

4)      To cover up your arms, wear a light blazer.

5)      Make sure your dress stops at your ankles. You don’t want to trip up the steps.


Maxi Office Look: (Blazer: Top Shop $100; Skirt: Dorothy Perkins 28GBP* ; Tank Top: Old Navy $6). *I found a skirt just like this at a random store in Soho NYC for $25. You can shop around at almost any female clothing store and find a long flowing skirt this season. Make sure to wear a slip underneath. You wouldn't want your co-workers peeking at your undies!


2 thoughts on “Maxing and Relaxing: How to Pull Off the Maxi Look in the Office

  1. I agree, I have mixed feelings about wearing a maxi dress in the office as well. However, the alternative solution you have provided is pretty awesome. I may have to give it a try

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