Monday at the Movies: Crazy, Stupid, Love

by Jackie

I usually approach romantic comedies with an over-dramatic mock-gag gesture that expresses how I feel about the predictability of the unlikely-pairing-turns-perfect-couple-amidst-impossible-obstacles-and-one-liners theme.  (There are a few exceptions — three to be exact — Dirty Dancing, Love and Basketball, and  Love Jones.)  I usually opt for mob movies like The Departed or The Boondock Saints, action films like Face/Off , or coming-of-age comedies like Easy A. I was a bit skeptical when I heard the typical romantic comedy selling point of Crazy, Stupid, Love: “It’s not your typical romantic comedy.” But, I couldn’t resist seeing any movie featuring Emma Stone, the sometimes-scarlet-headed, always hilariously sarcastic lead in today’s version of The Scarlet Letter, Easy A. A creative and unpredictable storyline, witty writing, and spot-0n casting makes Crazy, Stupid, Love anything but your typical romantic comedy.

The movie is completely gag-proof, and actually funny. It digs deeper than the usual one-dimensional portrayals of puppy love and explores the everyday experience we all have and can relate to: friendship. Typically, in RomComs, friendship is the B story, providing comedic elements to move the film along. This movie is truly about the importance of friendship, sans the corny side-kick routines.

I also especially enjoyed the smartly tailored suits worn by Ryan Gosling in the film. I’m a sucker for a pressed and slim-fit button down. (No, no.  I couldn’t leave that detail out.)

Julianne Moore plays a character she's familiar with a la the confused wife in The Kids Are Alright opposite an irresistibly human Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Emma Stone as Hannah. Hannah's BFF provides a hilariously necessary backdrop to Hannah's all-too-common conflict: head vs. heart.

Ryan Gosling's character, Jacob, falls for the father figure in Cal, played by Steve Carell.


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