Summer Sun Dresses

by Sherria

Even Beyonce recognizes the heat as she steps out in a thin strap summer dress. (photo credit:

On Saturday, I woke up at 8:30am to make my 10am hair appointment in Brooklyn. Yes, that’s right, I went all the way from Harlem to Brooklyn to get my hair done. But that’s not the topic of this post 😉  As I dragged myself out of bed, I looked outside through the window and saw nothing but hot sun. I could actually feel the heat through the window. I needed something quick to put on that wouldn’t make my body burn from head to toe. There was a flower patterned sun dress laying on my ottoman that I’m sure I’d worn earlier in the week. The light material kept me cool throughout the day as the sun beat down on me. Although I wore the dress for a quick hair appointment, I’ve just decided that I should have been wearing sun dresses throughout the summer, no shorts, no capris, just dresses! They are suitable for running errands, going to lunch with friends, and you can even dress them up to look hot for late night cocktails. Even our favorite celebs have been spotted wearing sun dresses. So, since the hottest month of the year is here (Hello Mr. August!) lets all do ourselves a favor and just throw on a sun dress!

You can look like a Victoria's Secret model in your sundress 🙂

A*cute picks:

Abtract Print Dress (Forever 21, $15.80)

Everyday Pleats knit Dress (Forever 21, $22.80)

Printed Strapless Dress (Victoria's Secret, on sale $45.50)

I had to throw in a maxi!

Ruffle Maxi Dress (Victoria's Secret, on sale $49.99)


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