Ask A*cute: What to expect at the A*cute Clothing Exchange

by Jackie

We’re so excited!

Sherria and I cannot wait to host the A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show next Saturday! Judging from your messages, many of you are excited, too! Some of you had some questions, so here are the answers:

What if my clothes/accessories are outdated?

One [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure. When it comes to a clothing exchange, this old adage could not be truer. You may think something is out of style, but someone else with a new perspective could pair your item with a piece from their wardrobe and make a new outfit. Style is often recycled. A fresh pair of eyes and some imagination can turn your something old into someone else’s something stylish.

I donated all of my clothing last year to include it in my taxes. Can I still participate?

Yes. Anyone who purchases a ticket will be able to browse the exchange items and shop the trunk show.

Is the event only for women?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

I want to support, but can’t make the event.

That’s easy. Buy a ticket. Proceeds will go towards Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, an organization dedicated to strengthening the ability of young women to achieve their goals.

If you have any questions about the event, email us at or tweet @AcuteConsulting! See you next week!


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