Falling Back in Love with the District

by Jackie

“When something itches my dear sir, the natural tendency is to scratch.” — The Seven Year Itch

Ten years ago in my freshman dorm room. Excuse the picture quality, this is before iPhones existed.

I never intended to stay here. DC was supposed to be a temporary stop away from New York, lasting only as long as it took for me get a degree. Then, I decided to get another. Then, I landed my first job. One thing led to another, and somehow, I’ve been here nearly ten years — long enough to get a DC-issued driver’s license, become a DC-registered voter, and incorporate the occasional “joanin” to my vocabulary. Though I love my friends and the experiences I’ve had here, I was getting the “itch” to try something new.

After a short adventure,  (Thank you, Charlotte) I resolved to try to rekindle the romance with the District and have as many adventures as possible in the city that has become my home (away from home).

Eastern Market

A short walk from its namesake metro station, Eastern Market is a cute scene that’s a warm break from DC’s Romanesque architecture. I almost forgot where I was.

Shopping is usually enough inspiration to get me out of the house, but add good food to that, and it’s a party. Though Eastern Market is a DC staple, my recent trip was my first. After grabbing a yummy crab cake sandwich at Market Lunch, I picked up some local produce, and snagged a necklace in my favorite color for next to nothing.

Pearl Dive

Whenever I want to pretend that I’m on a getaway at a marina, I can just take a 10-minute trip up the road to Pearl Dive. Fueling my obsession with seafood, this restaurant is fast becoming a fave in my book, and my tummy.


Of course, my ultimate escape is a good book, and my book club — the Bookettes — makes sure that I am always on an interesting literary adventure. I was excited to be our recent group leader. Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl is a multi-layered, multi-narrator suspense novel that deceives you at every turn.


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