What to bring to a Holiday Party

by Acute Editors

December is approaching fast and you know what that means, Holiday Time! From the office holiday party,  planning your own shindig to figuring out your New Year’s Eve plans, we bet that your December calender is probably already booked with fun festivities. If you are planning to attend a holiday party this season, be sure to contribute. Below are a few suggestions on how you can show the host your appreciation for planning a fabulous night.

1) Bottle of Wine/Champagne – Even if you are accustomed to drinking $5 beers at the local bar after work, try to be a bit more upscale with it comes to bringing an alcoholic beverage to the home of the party host. Show that you have class and style buy purchasing a nice, yet inexpensive wine. You can find great tasting wines at the local liquor store. Opt for a Cavit White Wine or ask the store owner about a Cabernet Sauvignon. Champagnes can be a little more expensive than wine. But that doesn’t mean that you have to buy a $100 bottle of Moet & Chandon.  Most party goers won’t object to a bottle of Korbel or Veuve Clicquot.

2) Homemade Dish – Bringing a homemade dessert will show that you took the time and patience to prepare for the party. But if you’re no Paula Dean in the kitchen, don’t worry. You can purchase the Betty Crocker cake mix from your local grocery store and bake a cake or small cupcakes! If you don’t want to bake at all, you can purchase “ready-made” bake goods. Trader Joe’s has the BEST dessert aisle and best of all, some of their products look homemade once you remove it from the wrapping.

3) D.J. Skills – If your funds are limited this season, try offering your artistic skills. Do you have skills on the turntables (or iTunes)? Are you great at capturing the moment through film? Do you want to test out your bartending skills from the class you took this summer? Ask the host if you can contribute in your own funky way 🙂

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