Solange Rocks DC’s 9:30 Club

by Jackie

Washington, DC's 9:30 Club turned into an 80s dance party for Solange's "True" show.

Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club turned into an 80s dance party for Solange’s “True” show Tuesday.

‘True’ Sound

Standing under disco lights, Solange brought the mic right up to her lips, and delivered a command no one ignored,  “I want everyone to put your camera phones down, and dance.” One by one, anxious fans who had been busy snapping pictures of the songstress lowered their phones from the air and started to rock their hips and wind their waists to the bass-heavy “Locked in Closets.”  Setting the tone for the rest of the night, Solange essentially led an 80s dance party at DC’s 9:30 Club to promote her recently released album, True.

The album’s minimalist dance tracks and her old-school set styling transported the crowd to a high school dance.  Lyrics like “Remember when you kissed me / At Jimmy John’s when I was 17” are the soundtrack to the nostalgia of simpler times that are somehow more memorable than extravagant grown-up outings.

After an hour of singing along to her catchy melodies, it’s as if you’ve known the words all your life. Maybe it’s because you’ve written them in your diary, where you thought no one could reach them — that is, until you’re at a Solange concert and she’s singing your secret memories for everyone to hear.

‘True’ Style

Coincidentally, Solange wore a Diane Von Furstenberg splatter paint suit that I featured her wearing in the May issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine (on newsstands now — eek!). I took to the glossy pages this month to talk about how to update your spring wardrobe with must-have prints.

Pretty prints and geometric patterns are on trend this spring. Check out my style piece in the May 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

Check out Solange’s sound and style in her latest single, “Losing You.”


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