Can I Touch Your Hair?

by Sherria

I’ve had so many discussions with my female friends regarding the reactions of “non-blacks” when it comes to natural hair. It often seems as if people are amazed at our hair texture and the different styles we can create. However, some of my friends have expressed that they sometimes feel like animals at a petting zoo when White people ask “can I touch your hair?”  Antonia Opiah, Founder of, not only had this experience in Paris, but she also started a hair blog for black women. Now, her latest endeavor is to take the streets on NYC by storm with a FREE Art Exhibit, titled “Can I Touch Your Hair?”


*In an effort to “take one for the team” and further explore the tactile fascination with black hair, un’ruly will be holding an interactive public art exhibit in New York City, on June 6th and June 8th 2013, dubbed, You Can Touch My Hair, where strangers from all walks of life will have the welcomed opportunity to touch various textures of black hair.

The FREE event will take place in Union Square between 2pm – 4pm. Get a reminder about the event by RSVP-ing on Facebook or learn more here.

*Information directly from Antonia’s May 28th article on The Huffington Post, “Can I Touch Your Hair?”


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