Recycle Your Wardrobe: Leather Jackets

by Sherria 

emile sande

Some people have a “Seasonal Wardrobe.” I don’t. Since working in an office for the last four years, I’ve never packed away my winter and fall clothing in preparation for the summer season. I usually find a way to incorporate all articles of clothing into my every day work wear no matter the season. For example, I wear traditional summer floral dresses in the winter with black opaque tights to stay warm in the cold weather. This summer, I’ve had to find ways to be creative in order not to melt outside on the way to work while also staying warm in a freezing, cold office. Throughout the day I find co-workers wearing snuggies and blankets to stay warm at their desks. However, I refuse to be caught dead in a snuggie at work. My wardrobe recycling tip of the week is to pack a lightly colored leather jacket or cardigan sweater in your gym bag and wear it when you arrive in a cold office. The look is much more stylish and unique, especially since no one else in the office will probably be wearing a leather jacket.

Do you have any wardrobe recycling tips that you’d like to share? If so, comments are always welcomed.

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