Professional Attire for the Eclectic Woman

Guest Post by Keren Johnson

Hey Ladies,

There’s a new eclectic fashion line for women who “has to work but loves to play.” Wanda Grace is a new collection that definitely speaks to me. I am on my best professional behavior during the day at my office job, but once 5:00 pm comes around, I love hang out with my friends at happy hour or let loose during a Thursday-night party! Not only does the collection by Wanda Grace allow for more flexibility between day-time and night-time looks in your wardrobe, but it is also  fashion-forward and affordable.

Check out the entire collection at

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Rory Dress, $125

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Kenya Dress, $125

Keren Johnson works as a government officer. She loves to write, dance and participate in public service projects in Washington, DC and throughout the nation. If you have any questions for Keren, either leave a comment or send us a message at


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