Lunchtime Links

by Jackie

Get into these links while you dive into your salad.



Going natural can be overwhelming. There’s a million blogs, a hair typing system that resembles the periodic table, and enough products to leave your bank account as dry as a bad hair day. In the midst of all of this, I found and accompanying Instagram page, Shinestruck. Filled with pictures of everyday naturals (not so much the hair gurus), practical advice, and easy-to-follow tutorials, Shinestruck has become my go-to for everything curl-related.



Self-described as “a curation of beautiful everyday wears and wares,” is a hodgepodge of good taste. New blogger Mafara Hobson picks out what’s cool and fresh, from a vintage bike to a breakfast taco cook book, so you don’t have to. 


Undergrads and grads, this one’s for you.

The White House Initiative’s Year-round Internship Program offers an exciting experience for undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in improving education outcomes for African Americans. This is an unpaid internship working for the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C.

This internship gives students an opportunity to learn about the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans. This initiative was launched by President Obama in July of 2012 as an effort to improve educational opportunities for African American students and increase overall rates for students completing college. 


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