Beauty in the Office: GlamSquad Makeover

by Sherria

I’m so happy it’s Friday. With a week full of calculating media impressions and editing lengthy monthly client reports, my brain is dead. Luckily, my supervisor surprised the team with a time block of relaxation courtesy of the GlamSquad.

glam squadThis super-chic service provides on-site hair styling, including blowouts, braids and curls. The idea behind GlamSquad is genius. According to the website, obviously “not everyone has time for a traditional salon appointment” so the ladies of GlamSquad bring the salon experience to you – from the home to the office.

While I would have loved getting a full hair wash and blowout, we do not have  community sink in the office (at least not for hair washing) so the GlamSquad team performed dry styles on our hair. Many of my co-workers got the trendy “one-braid” style while others preferred curls.

My style was inspired by Carey Mulligan:

photo 2




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