5 Home Improvement Tips

By A*cute Editors

While many women may be accustomed to revamping their wardrobes for during seasonal transitions, it is also beneficial to seasonally revamp and improve the home. Just as your style and fashion sense is an extension of yourself, so is your home. According Environmental Psychologists, “for many people, their home is part of their self-definition, which is why we do things like decorate our houses and take care of our lawns.”*

If you are looking for ways to update and improve the home without breaking the bank, try simple tricks such as incorporating an accent wall with a bright splash of color, using a rug to anchor a room or using slipcovers to give sofas and chairs a fresh look without purchasing new furniture.

 5 Home Improvement Tips


Photo Credit: Syerasite.com

Photo Credit: Syerasite.com

Change the Wall Color: If you have had the same wall color for a while, then it may be time to give each room or an individual room an update. Choose a color that will match with the furniture and accessories that you already have in order to prevent the need to purchase additional items once the walls are changed. Furthermore, if you aren’t ready to change each wall, try an accent wall. Accent walls can dramatically enhance a living space without being too overbearing.

Update Old Furniture: From pet hair to lint and every day wear and tear, sofas and chairs can start to look dingy after they’ve been around for a few years. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to reupholster or purchase new furniture, opt for slipcovers. Sure Fit has a variety of custom fit slipcovers to fit any style living room style – from modern chic to southern charm.

Make Your Home Larger: Brightly colored walls, curtains and mirrors give the illusion of having a larger space. To create an optical illusion, cream and light blues often give rooms the appearance of being more open, bigger and brighter. In addition, mirrors give the illusion of depth. Choose a focal point on a wall and either opt for a large mirror to mount or mirror tiles.

Use a Rug to Anchor a Room: An area rug can serve as an anchor for a room. The color and style can draw the eye’s attention as well as give balance to any room. Additionally, rugs create a warm environment and act as insulation between your bare feet and cold floors.

Kitchen/Bathroom Cleanup: The kitchen and the bathroom should be the cleanest rooms in the home. Think about it, you eat in the kitchen and you clean yourself in the bathroom! Keep both rooms orderly by using trays and baskets as organizational tools. Instead of leaving out unnecessary items on the counters such as mail, robber bands and sponges, a try or basket will neatly hold everything in one place. To create an “apothecary” look in the bathroom, try using Ball mason jars to store items such as cotton balls and q-tips.


* The Atlantic: :”The Psychology of Home:” Why Where You Live Means So Much (December 30, 2011)


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