I’m on TV!

by Jackie

(Photo: ABC.com)

(Photo: ABC.com)

Ok, I’m not really on TV (yet), but it sure feels like it with ABC’s Blackish. This is the first sitcom featuring a Black family on a major television network since the days of The Cosby Show, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and others that are now fodder for #ThrowbackThursday. The show follows a Black family living in an upper-middle-class white neighborhood. Every week, the Johnsons deal with situations that I’ve either dealt with as a kid who moved from a mostly Black neighborhood in the Bronx to a paler neighborhood on the other side of the borough, or as an adult in white-dominated spaces.

The teens’ coming-of-age stories, the twins’ comedic timing, the hilarious moments between Dre and his wife, Rainbow, and killer one-liners from Pops, combine to make the show a hit. I’m overjoyed that Blackish is on the air, and will be locked in to ABC on Wednesday nights.

Plus, I get to “hang out” with one of my style icons, Tracee Ellis Ross, every week. What’s not to love?

Check out some of Tracee’s Blackish promo looks:


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