About A*cute

Have no idea what to wear to an interview? Want to spruce up your professional wardrobe? Just need a break from the workday? A*cute Consulting, LLC launched its blog in April 2009 to fill a void in the blogosphere. Monday thru Friday, A*cute is at work with you to bring you the latest in fashion for the workplace, professional advice, and a conversation space for young professionals.  Work is more than just what you do, it is who you are.  Be A*cute!

The Editors


Jackeline Stewart obtained a combined BA/MA in print, broadcast, and online journalism from American University.  She is a published freelance writer and a public relations manager based in Washington, DC with frequent trips to New York.  Through her work in the media industry, she has accrued  experience in style advisement for media and lobbying professionals. Other than shopping, she loves to read, travel, and dance.


Sherria Cotton  obtained a BA in public communication from American University and an MA in public communication and public relations from The University of Westminster in London.  She currently work on Consumer and Lifestyle brands at one of New York City’s top PR firms. Through her international and domestic work experience, she has observed and counseled public and private sector professionals. When she’s not styling clients, Sherria loves to visit museums,  travel and try exotic foods.


A*cute Styling Services

A*cute Consulting, LLC specializes in providing affordable image expertise to young, budget-minded professionals. We are a style consulting firm dedicated to helping clients make a professional first impression with a unique and classy flair through wardrobe and image development. To set up an appointment,  inquire about services, book a presentation, or submit a media request email LookAcute@gmail.com.

Services Provided

  • Personal shopping
  • Professional image consulting
  • Closet organizing
  • Wardrobe evaluation
  • Professional photography

4 thoughts on “About A*cute

  1. Hi Jackie! Great website, really informative. I need help, I thought I had style until I came across your website. I need help and advice. Please help.


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