Why We’re Happy About H&M’s Higher Prices

by Jackie


I’ll admit it. A huge part of why I shop at H&M is the store’s commitment to providing the latest trends for low prices. So, why would I be excited about higher prices at one of my staple stores? The retailer recently announced that it could raise prices to pay higher wages to textile workers in countries like Bangladesh, where the minimum wage is less than $70 a month. I’m hoping that other brands follow this trend. Corporate social responsibility is always in style.



by Jackie


I’m still on my shopping fast (ok, I bought like eight a couple pairs of shoes, but bear with me here), so I’ve been shopping my closet and only buying small pieces to update my wardrobe. I picked up a printed scarf for about $10 at H&M a couple of months ago in anticipation of the fall. A simple knot took a plain button-down shirt and pencil skirt to a whole other level.

One of my Instagram fashionistas decided to copy the look and made it her own with a full skirt:

Check out @enigma_tic1’s rendition of the look!



Summer Sandals: Fab, Functional…and Frugal!

by Jackie

Summer means sandals. I am not a fan of paying a lot for seasonal footwear.  I do not own a car and am always on the go, so when I’m out and about, I need shoes that can get a lot of traction, but that are still cute. Summer lasts about a good three months and after all the barbecues, the lunchtime walks I force myself to go on for my sanity, and the daily grind, my sandals usually do not make it to the next year.  Plus, you can never have too many shoes 😉 , so I usually restock yearly.

Here are some fab sandals that won’t break the bank! Continue reading


by Jackie

I’m all about getting great value out of a buck without compromising style. While on Twitter yesterday, my friend and one of my fave people to follow, Vanessa, tweeted about the miracle that is the “Convertible Dress” from Monif C, self-described as the source for contemporary plus-size clothing.  It’s the perfect solution if you have an after-work function.  You can tie the top approximately 22 different ways according to the website, so you can pick a conservative style for the 9-5, then tie up something sassy for happy hour.  Priced at just under $200, the dress is really bargain, considering how many different looks you can get out of one item.

The "Marilyn" Convertible dress provides endless fashion possibilities.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get a new work outfit, shop in your closet. Ashley tied her white button-down blouse over a summer dress, turning the frock into a skirt.  She got an entirely new look out of what she already had. A little creativity goes a long way.

Spots of sunshine!

by Jackie

I woke up to gray skies, so I decided to put on some instant happiness in the form of polka dots.  Polka-dotted pattens make me smile.  The style is retro and fun.

What are you doing to stay cheery?

I turned to fun polka dots to combat the dreary weather.

Get the look!

Temperatures are rising…

but your hemline shouldn’t.

by Jackie

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. It’s finally getting warmer out and it will only get hotter from here! While I am excited about this time of year, I have not been so excited to see the emergence of spaghetti straps, flip-flops, and other egregious, unprofessional wardrobe mishaps all in the name of spring and the anticipation of summer in DC. Here are some affordable, yet fab, professional looks that are fit for the workplace, but still weather-appropriate:

Get the look!

This cardigan will get a million uses with any slacks or skirts in your closet.

It’s a Photo Shoot!

by Jackie

How does A*cute style its clients? We take a personal style and current closet assessment and help our client decide what she needs/wants to spruce up her wardrobe.  After making a shopping list and determining a budget, we hit the ground running and shop.  (We LOVE to shop!)

But, rather than just tell you, we thought we’d show you how it works.  Sherria and I had a blast styling our very own photo shoot in honor of A*cute’s first anniversary.  Photographer buddies Marlene Hawthrone Thomas (Marlene Lillian Photography) and Jennifer Tyre (AlmeniaJ Photography) used their creative genius to capture what A*cute is all about: style and professionalism. Check out some looks from the shoot! (Click “View All Images” for photo gallery)

The following models were not harmed during the photo shoot… we promise:

Graciela Aponte

Jamie Trotter

Keren Johnson

Ashley Nicole

Shani Provost

Travis Burgin