Happy Birthday Sherria!

by Jackie

Join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to A*cute co-founder and editor, Sherria!

(Photo: Scott Pegram)

(Photo: Scott Pegram)



Jackie Lately

by Jackie

I’ve been working hard and playing hard lately. Everything seems to be going by so fast.

First, I’d like to congratulate the Class of 2012! I am blessed to know so many talented people that have completed a chapter in their academic journey. Aside from weddings, graduations are my favorite family/friend event. It’s not only a time to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments, but another excuse to reunite with loved ones.

I was excited to catch up and celebrate with one of my faves, Jennifer Gore. She earned her Masters in Public Policy and will be taking over the world in no time.

I am overly slightly obsessed with Instagram. I love going through my timeline and seeing bits and pieces of my friends’ lives and enjoy following some of my fave celebs. I also like capturing tiny moments of my life and making them my own with the fun filters.  Check out some of my latest pics, and find me @jax1125. I want to follow you, too!

Brunch at the Beacon Bar and Grill with A*cute cofounder Sherria and dolls Toushi and Jennifer. Catching up is always fun, catching up over bottomless mimosas is even better!

I’ve been trying fun self-manis. I’m in love with color blocking.

Birchbox gained a new subscriber. I am looking forward to trying out these goodies, and will admit that I was excited that my first box was Gossip Girl themed.  #TeamB

DC’s favorite Southern gentleman and one of my fave friends, Travis Burgin, celebrated his pre-birthday with a rooftop happy hour recently. It was a great time! Happy Birthday Travvy!

Valentine’s Day Serenade: Trey Songz Concert

by Jackie

Photos by Maronel Stewart

Trey Songz is my Valentine. Though he sang for a screeching crowd at Constitution Hall this Saturday, I felt like he was giving me a personal serenade. Though I have always liked his music and sang along to all of his mix-tapes on my iPod and sexy singles on the radio, I came to truly appreciate his vocal ability during his live performance. It’s very rare that an artist sounds better live than on record, but it’s true for Trey. His voice is amazing and he melted my heart with every note.

Attending the concert was part of my not-so-little sister‘s 18th birthday weekend. Momager came into town to surprise her and  one of my faves, Keren, organized an impromptu stop at Constitution Hall to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day with the R&B crooner. It was a great weekend!

Trey Songz wooed me with his smooth vocals.


Very few men can pull off a white suit, but he did so elegantly.


Though he is a very well-dressed man, he is also a very well undressed man.


My Valentines! (From left to right: Jenn the roomie, Maronel the lil sis and birthday girl, Momager, and Keren aka Ms. Make it Happen)

Momager came to DC from NY to surprise Maronel for her 18th birthday and celebrate Valentine's Day with me and the girls.

Happy Birthday, Maronel!

Celebrate good times

by Jackie

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Labor Day weekend was a wonderful whirlwind. I attended my line sister’s fab wedding in Connecticut, made a quick visit home to see mom and dad, rushed back to DC to celebrate my roomie/BFF’s birthday, and snuck in a visit to Alexandria, Virginia for a lovely little cookout (those ribs and potato salad were on point, by the way). [Whew!]

No matter how stressful work gets, I’m thankful for my wonderful family and great friends. Here’s to focusing on the positive and returning to the office refreshed, relaxed, and re-energized!

(Photo: Google Images) The fairy tale wedding reception was held at Saint Clements Castle in Portland, Connecticut; fitting for a royal occasion.

The beautiful couple brought a tear and a smile to everyone's face every time they danced together.

Weddings are like family reunions. I love catching up with my faves!

Two of the best-dressed wedding guests.

Back in the District celebrating the roomie/BFF's birthday at Penang courtesy of Mr. Mark Spain

What did you do to celebrate Labor Day weekend?