Now, Everyone Can Go Nude.

by Jackie

I need to learn to trust my ideas. If I did, I’d be rich by now. For years, I’ve been searching for the perfect nude shoe that would match my deep brown complexion. I don’t know what the technical term is for my shade, but think of a perfect cup of hot chocolate, and you’ve got me ūüėČ . The Cristian Louboutin house has released “Nudes,” a five-shade collection in a variety of styles to match any skin tone. I hope that other designers (especially those in my price range) take the hint and realize that “nude” should include more than just Caucasia.¬† It’d be great to also have hosiery, nail polish, and underwear follow suit.

Picture courtesy of the Louboutin Nudes iPhone App.

Louboutin developed an app that lets you find your perfect shade. (Picture courtesy of the Louboutin Nudes iPhone App.)


I mean, my birthday IS coming up. [insert wink here] No? Ok.


A*cute Friday

by Sherria

We’re all dying to leave the office so that we can head to happy hour and drink away our problems from the week and hang out with our friends. If you’re able to go home and change your clothes (a lot of New Yorkers have “Summer Fridays” which means we can leave work early) then try going for an A*cute pink and black outfit.

Style Inspiration: Alicia Keys

The beautiful and talented, Alicia Keys

Beautiful Textures Hair Care: Healthy Hair Meetup

Courtesy of The Garner Circle

¬†Beautiful Textures Hair Care Presents National Healthy Hair Meetup Tour ‚ÄúMy Head. My Hair. My Choice.‚Ä̬†
in Los Angeles & San Francisco

(L-R) Tamiko Frasier (Maybelline), Felecia Leatherwood (Beautiful Textures Product Specialist/Celebrity Stylist), Charlene Bastien, (National Marketing Director) and Angel Jordan (K is For


In Los Angeles, Beautiful Textures Hair Care partnered with Angel Jordan (KurlyBella) of the well known blog K is For¬†Kinky¬†to produce the “Curly,Kinky,¬†Fly” Spring meetup at the beautiful 525 Gallery in Downtown LA. With celeb¬†curly¬†girls in attendance including Tamiko Frasier (Maybelline), Tanika Ray (HGTV), and Tae Heackard (BET’s The Game) with LA’s curl friends and naturalistas.¬†For more information visit¬†

Photo credit: Nito Edwards of Geeked Out Graphics

Photo credit: Nito Edwards of Geeked Out Graphics


Cassidy Blackwell, Natural Selection Blog and Felecia Leatherwood, Loving Your Hair Care

Cassidy Blackwell (Natural Selection Blog)

Join the Conversation:
T: @LovinMyTextures

BET Rip the Runway

by Sherria

British Musical Artist, Estelle and Plus-size Designer, Monif C were the best dressed on BET’s Rip the Runway Red Carpet. To see more highlights from the show, click here.

A*cute Winners: Estelle and Monif C

Get the Look:

Victoria's Secret: Lexie Skinny Crop Pants ($49.50) and Long & Lean One-button Cotton Jacket ($98)

Design by Monif C: "Elsa" Color Block Ponte Knit Dress Ivory/Brown ($198)

Shop Victoria Secret, here.

Shop Monif C, here.

Journey to the Past: Online Fashion Archives of American People of Color

Guest Post by Jaira J. Harrington

Jaira J. Harrington is a PhD student in Political Science at the University of Chicago. She is a West Side Chicago native and Spelman College alumna who is currently conducting dissertation field research in Brazil.

Iconic model Grace Jones

There’s something special and gratifying about taking a peek into the past to see the fashion of yesteryear. The thrill of seeing unusual fabrics and skillfully coordinated pieces under brushed sepia tones in a photograph from decades ago. If you look closely, you can see a fire in the eye of the subject. You are witness to confidence captured in a single moment that doesn’t fade even if the Polaroid has started to yellow. You look once more to see it clearly: fly never ages. Flyness is timeless. It’s an even better experience when you can see yourself through your ancestors represented in such images. Here are a few Tumblr websites that express just that: their emphasis is on people of color and their untold contributions to the fashion history of the United States.


Ebony Magazine Tumblr

Ebony is a monthly lifestyle magazine in publication since 1945. For many black families in the United States, Ebony and Jet were indispensable magazines that you’d find practically everywhere: in your own home, at the grocery store, at the hair salon…all over! When I wasn’t engrossed in¬†Highlights¬†children’s magazine, I remember leafing through Ebony magazine with my mom and admiring the positive images of black women, men and families. Ebony magazine has developed a tumblr website dedicated to these images which includes an array of covers and advertisements over the years. It’s refreshing to see the fashion evolution of black celebrities like Michael Jackson, Dorothy Dandrige, Aretha Franklin and Sister Sledge. Classic.

Vintage Black Glamour Tumblr

Vintage Black Glamour is another collection of similar, but broader style. This site displays magazine covers, celebrities and other fashionable people at notable historical moments. One cool aspect of this site is that some of these photographs appear to be from personal archives. Here you’ll see playful vacation images of Nat “King” Cole and wife Maria, and candid, on-set snapshots of Sammy Davis Jr. and Eartha Kitt. Gorgeous.

Of Another Fashion Tumblr

The last Tumblr of important note is “Of Another Fashion”. It is a website developed by University of California, Berkeley professor Minh-Ha T. Pham. Her wonderful and diverse collection of photos come from sources as large as the Library of Congress and university archives to the personal family collections of individual contributors. Here you won’t see many famous faces, but you will witness an online celebration of the rich diversity represented by these beautiful, fashionable American women of color. You can’t help but smile looking at these images.

@LuvinMyTextures: New Natural Hair Care Products

by Sherria

Held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, the introduction to Beautiful Textures was attended by bloggers, natural hair lovers, as well as fashion and hair stylists from all over New York City.- Photo credit: Brandi Pettijohn

On Tuesday, I attended the Beautiful Textures Hair Care Collection Introduction. This new product line is designed for mixed hair textures, “including curly, wavy, kinky-coily, and frizzy” to make styling easier to manage.

Strength of Nature Global Marketing Director, Charlene Bastien.

I was able to speak with Strength of Nature Global Marketing Director, Charlene Bastien. She explained what inspired this new hair collection. According to Charlene, “there are a lot of women, especially ethnic women, who are no longer being defined by magazines and images in the media. Social media, particularly blogs, have been a way for ethnic women to define themselves individually. Historically, there was the image of either a woman with relaxed hair or a woman with natural hair. Women today want to talk about their own individual texture. [Strength of Nature] wanted to make a product line to help women manage their own individual texture. It’s all about self-exploration and definition. This line will allow women to be more versatile.”

When asked what separates this line from other well-known natural and curly hair products, she explained that “education is a part of the hairstyling process. On the package we have education tools for each customer to understand how to use the products to manage their hair. This is a quality product and it is affordable. You will be able to find this product on the counter with a price range of $6-$7.”

For more information on Strength of Nature and Beautiful Textures, visit

Event photos:

Natural Beauties -Photo credit: Brandi Pettijohn

Nicole Marie Melton (Online Editor and Fashion Enthusiast) Photo credit: Brandi Pettijohn

Iris Hopkins (Swimwear Designer) and Tiffany Cole (Fashion Stylist). Photo credit: A*cute

Beautiful Textures Model poses for a picture. Photo credit: A*cute

Even the bartender has beautiful natural hair. Photo credit: A*cute

Goodie bags from Beautiful Textures. Photo credit: A*cute

Tumblr Love: Whitney Wears….

Whitney McGuire- Fashionista and Law Student (blogger at

by Sherria

Yesterday, we gave you a sneak peak of Whitney on District Runway. Today, we would like to introduce you to her blog. We’ve known Whitney for about four years now and she’s always been a style inspiration. Not only is she fashionable, she’s a law student and a loveable girl! Her blog, Whitney Wears…, gives her perspective on the law and her love of fashion. Please check it out!

Attention! This street style picture was posted by Whitney. It immediately caught our attention. Houndstooth never goes out of style. If you’re looking to stock up on houndstooth, try H&M. This season, H&M has an entire collection dedicated to houndstooth. You can find dresses, scarves, skirts, and pants. The Jessica Simpson Collection also has a houndstooth pleated dress on the website that I’d love to get my hands on.

Street Style: Paris Fashion Week (Photo Credit: Vogue)

A*cute picks:


Jessica Simpson Collection short dress

Black coat

TOMS flat shoes

Flat heels