Casual Friday Inspiration

by Sherria

I usually wear jeans, a plain shirt and blazer on “casual Friday”. I try to jazz it up a bit with statement jewelry. If your office doesn’t allow you to wear jeans, you can wear a pair of slim slacks.

I think my whole outfit is from Forever 21. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look professional. However, please keep in mind that not everything from Forever 21 is appropriate for work. So, remember to try on the clothes in a fitting room before making a purchase.

If you have questions about work appropriate clothing, please feel free to ask Jackie and I anything. Email us at


I always take a pair of ballerina flats with me to work even when I wear heels. They are great to walk in when you are running out the door for lunch or just walking home from work.

I love Kate Spade! 



Leather Skirt Friday!

by Sherria

Good News Friends….It’s ALMOST Friday!!!  I know it’s still Thursday, but you should start thinking good thoughts (i.e., what sort of cute ensemble can I throw together to wear to the office on  Friday?). As stated in previous posts, “Casual Friday” at work is not a time to slack off and show up in your pajama jeans. Use “Casual Friday” as a day to show off your casual sense of style. A few of my co-workers started “jean shirt” Fridays. Almost everyone in our 6-cubicle section wears chambray shirts to work on Fridays. To dress up a chambray shirt, try a floral or leather skirt and heels to match. One of my supervisors has a leather skirt (I have one too!) that she wore to work a few weeks ago. Upon first glance in the store, I wouldn’t dare think about wearing it to work. However, my supervisor’s leather skirt is almost knee length and she wore black tights and a blazer to give the outfit a more polished look. Needless to say, the woman was on fire! She looked so cute, yet still work appropriate. Below is an inspirational board that mix and matches “jean shirt” Friday and a black leather skirt.  What are you wearing this Friday?

Leather Skirt

Full tilt

Tall jacket

River island
$32 –

Belted skirt
$32 –

Mango embroidered shoes
$145 –

Kenneth Jay Lane chain jewelry

Miso peace sign jewelry
$8.04 –

Instant wardrobe update for less than $5!

by Jackie

Accessories instantly update your wardrobe without the painful and sometimes costly overhaul of your closet. This season’s hit accessory is the skinny belt. While I still love huge, corset-type belts to cinch my dresses and over-sized tops, I adore the sleek and chic vibe a skinny belt gives an outfit.


Jenn added a brown skinny belt to pull together her fab Friday look for the office.

Sure, you can opt for pricey versions of the belt at most stores (I’ve seen some upwards of $30), but if you’re like me and love a bargain, head to Forever21 where I snagged a bunch at a 2-for-$5 special.

Look for Less: Leather Ruffle Outerwear

by Sherria

VH1's 'Basketball Wives' producer, Shaunie O'Neal wearing a leather ruffle jacket. Photo Credit:

Is this jacket appropriate for work? :

Yes. The jacket can serve as a replacement to your blazer. I would wear it with a pair of slacks or a knee-length skirt. I would advise against wearing gaudy jewelry with this jacket. The ruffle neckline will draw attention on its own. You don’t want to cause too much of a distraction with big jewelry. Stud earrings and a simple chain would look great. Another thought: This jacket can also be used to “dress-up” your “dress-down” day outfit. Some employers allow staff to dress casual one day out of the week (usually Friday). So, use your casual Friday to make a style statement.

Look for Less:

Graham & Spencer

Graham & Spencer Ruffle Leather Jacket, ($220)


Bagatelle Fleece Ruffle Front Jacket (Neiman Marcus, on sale for $100)

BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria Ruffle Leather. Color: Soy Chai (, $478)

An ‘American Casual’ Friday

by Sherria

That's me!

It’s freezing cold here in Washington, DC today. On chilly days, I usually opt for something I can throw on without ironing. But I figured I should look half-way descent since I’m going to work and a happy hour. Fortunately, I saw a blue button-up shirt staring at me in my closet that had already been to the dry cleaners. I decided to wear the shirt with all black- you can’t go wrong with black! Check out the set idea below.

The Set:

Instead of wearing 'all black everything' I decided to break up the dark colors with a light blue button-up shirt. I kept the jewelry simple with one bracelet and earrings. I hardly ever wear chandelier earrings, but my hair is down today, so I thought I'd be a little 'jazzy' with the earrings. I'm keeping on my boots in the office since it's COLD in here. But when I leave for happy hour, I'll put on my pumps.

Ruffle my feathers

by Sherria

Inspired by Ann Taylor LOFT

Ruffle tops and pencil skirts were the average work and happy hour outfit since 2008. Over the past few months I have taken a break from decorative and ruffle shirts. I just got bored with them. However, I have been noticing a decrease in the ruffle size on shirts; which looks good. I have a silver ruffle shirt that I haven’t worn for about four months, so I decided to pull it out the closet this morning. It looks pretty good on me, if I do say so myself!  Now that my ruffle hiatus is over, I went online this morning to view more decorative shirts and cardigans. Ann Taylor LOFT has a section called “Looks We Love.” One of the looks was a decorative top with a blazer and waist belt. It was very cute. The ensembles featured on has inspired me accessorize my ruffle tops instead of just wearing it alone. The Ann Taylor sets below feature a twist neck top, which can be an alternative to the ruffle. To view more Ann Taylor tops, click here.

The top: Twist Neck Shell (Ann Taylor Loft, $49.50)

In the Office:

In this set, I added a pink bracelet to break up the dark colors. Adding colorful jewelery to a dark outfit brings life to the ensemble.

Weekend Wear:

You can easily turn this weekend outfit into an office appropriate outfit by changing the flip flop sandals. Opt for flats or low heels for casual Fridays.

My Version:

Yes, that's me! I decided to wear a waist-belt with my ruffle top because the blouse looked a little baggy. The waist-belt gives it shape.