Walk a Mile [or more] in My Shoes

by Jackie

So, I just discovered eBay. Please grant me a late pass. I’m used to just giving my gently worn clothes away, but I’m saving up to shop for something special, so I’ve decided to sell some of my once-worn items online. Through the magical world of Twitter, I’ve connected with some wonderful dolls who I trusted with my items.

I know what you’re thinking. What business of it is mine who wears my shoes after they’re sold? Well, I love my shoes. It’s almost as if I’m in a relationship with them. And, I’m more of the “If you should ever find someone new, I know [s]he’d better be good to you” than the “You Oughta Know” variety when it comes to break-ups. It’s important to me that they end up in a good home.

After successful sales, I’m slightly addicted to eBay now, so I’m sure that I will have more items for sale soon. Until then, happy shopping, and selling!


Shopping Spree! [In my own Closet]

by Jackie

I pride myself on my keen shopping skills. My strategies rival the game-winning plays of your favorite championship team. The best victories are when I shop my own closet and find pieces that I have not worn in forever. I have fun finding new ways to wear my older clothes and mixing and matching them with newer pieces.

It’s no secret that yellow is my favorite color, so I treasure this top that my mother gave me from her own closet. I wore it while visiting Philly with some of my nearest and dearest this past weekend. Aside from being bright, it’s also lightweight, which came in handy for spending an 80-degree day in Rittenhouse Square. I wore a long gold necklace to update the look.

After a great weekend with the girls, Monday morning didn’t seem that bad. I actually got up early enough to fit in a short yoga routine with the roomie courtesy of Netflix. I was in such a good mood that I decided to dig in the depths of my closet and ended up pulling together a country-inspired outfit complete with a chambray shirt that I bought from H&M more than four years ago. The rest of my outfit is probably just as old (if not, older), including the layered necklace.

The only newish item that I wore were my leather lace-up sandals from the Loft. They are super comfy, and I’ve worn them almost every day for the past couple of months. I think my other shoes are starting to get jealous.

Shopping my closet is a fun adventure, and the best part?  It costs zero dollars.

PHOTOS: A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show

The photos from the A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show are up on the A*cute Facebook page! Check out some of our faves below! (Click to enlarge and scroll)

Photos by Almenia J. Photography

If I was a Rich Girl | Mega Millions Wish List

by Jackie

The Mega Millions jackpot just went up from $640 million! I gave into the frenzy and bought one lonely ticket. Although I tried not get wrapped up into the craziness, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander off into a daydream. What would I do if I won? After I set my parents up with a luxury retirement package, paid off my student loans and my sister’s tuition, and start a charity, I’d treat myself to a few luxury purchases.

New York City Condo

I would love to go back to the city that raised me, but the cost of living makes even the smallest rentals seem out of reach. A slick condo in the middle of the city would be perfect for all of the interior design story boards that I’ve filed away in the recesses of my mind.

Personal Trainer

Fitness Guru, Shaun TI am a firm believer in eating well. I can only imagine the trouble I could get into with millions at my disposal to indulge in the best treats of the world. I would contract Shaun T to counteract my greediness.

Regular Vacations

Knowing me, I’d probably still work. (I know, I know). I wouldn’t want anyone to know that I won the lotto, so I’d have to keep up appearances. But, I would take time off and travel a lot more with the people I love.

Michael Kors

I would hire Michael Kors to design one-of-a-kind pieces for me. Yes. Yes, I would.


A private concert from my beloved. Why not?!

An A*cute Boutique

Sherria and I are always talking about opening up a boutique of our own, so that we could share A*cute with the masses.

[insert sigh here] One day.

What would you do with $640 Million?!

A*cute Clothing Exchange

by Sherria

Remember that blazer that you just loved last season? Well, it’s now hanging in the back of your closet and has not seen the light of day in months.  This situation is all too familiar for women who love to shop! We buy something that we love for a few months and then when we get bored with the item, we never wear it again. So many of my friends, including myself, have clothes or shoes that we don’t want or need anymore, or possibly the item may look better on your best friend. Why not let them take it off of your hands? This story is how the idea for the A*cute Clothing Exchange came about.  On Saturday, Jackie and I hosted the event; providing a space where friends could bring their clothes, shoes, and accessories that they haven’t worn in a while and wanted to exchange, free of charge. While we exchanged clothes, we had a fun time sipping mimosas and eating delicious snacks while sharing shopping and dating stories.

* Clothing that was not exchanged went to a charitable organization for underprivileged women and families.

“The moment I walked in I had my eyes locked on a pair of vintage, cream-colored flower earrings. I was in love! I’m definitely wearing them to work today. I also picked up a military green fringe tank that will go perfect with a pair of dark skinny leg jeans.” – JENNIFER TYRE

“The clothing exchange was great! Where else can you get free clothes, sip mimosas, and enjoy an afternoon with friends. My new animal print top, red jeans and oversized wooden bracelet were definitely one of the highlights. Can’t wait for the next event!!” – AISHA HIGGINS



“I needed slacks and jeans- I lucked up and found both. Not only did I have a few pieces to add to my wardrobe but my accessories and cocktail dresses found a new home. I can’t wait for the next swap!” – KEREN JOHNSON

 Enjoy a few pictures from the event:


Photo credit: Scott Pegram