A*cute at the Crittenton Services Teen Girls Conference

by Jackie

A*cute was honored to lead a professional development workshop for Crittenton Services of Greater Washington’s Teen Girls Leadership Conference. The girls participated in mock interviews to get ready for their bright futures.

Sherria and I traveled to Montgomery County, Maryland last Saturday morning to lead a workshop at the Crittenton Greater Services of Greater Washington Teen Girls Leadership Conference on proper business etiquette and attire. The organization’s mission is to empower teen girls to overcome obstacles, make positive choices, and achieve their goals through programs in schools throughout the Greater Washington area.

critpicBy the end of the session, I found that the young ladies had actually schooled me. I met a young woman who wants to be an OB/GYN to help promote women’s health. I met another teen who volunteers at a nursing home and finds joy in entertaining the elderly. Their energy reminded me that what’s really important is not the collection of tasks that make up the day-to-day, but the bigger picture — the dream. Before visiting with the young ladies at the conference, I was in the middle of what felt like a stress vortex — overwhelmed by multiple phones ringing with demands on the other end, projects with looming deadlines, and a to-do list that rivaled the length of War and Peace.

All of that didn’t matter to the 15- and 16-year-old eyes and ears that granted us their attention. For a half hour, they shared their lives with us and allowed us to return the favor. I was truly honored to participate in the conference and I look forward to participating in the next Crittenton event.

“If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” – Arabic Proverb

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