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Cozy Quilted Varsity Jacket (Forever 21, $22.80)

Classic Slim Denim Jeans (Forever 21, $7.80)

Leather-Lined Spike Gladiator Heels (Forever 21, $32.80)


Feminine Flare


by Sherria 

I’m at a loss for words when it comes to describing the weather on the East Coast. One day it’s cold and rainy, the next day it’s sunny and warm. Instead of pulling out the winter coat I have buried in my closet, I’ve decided to play each day  by ear. However, I always believe in being prepared. For the colder fall days, a winter coat may be fitting.

I love wool coats with that flair out at the bottom. I went to Macy’s to try on a few coats. The blue three-quarter sleeve coat was perfect! I love how feminine it looks. The last cream coat at the bottom is hard to come by. It’s actually a rain coat. I can’t remember the last time I wore a rain coat…probably 4th grade. But, this Steve Madden rain coat is very sophisticated. The olive-colored coat from ASOS is quite common. I’ve seen a lot of women wearing the same cut. If you are looking for a traditional wool coat with a flair, this one is the way to go.

Let us know your thoughts. What kind of coat are you wearing this fall and winter?

Tahari Jacket, Three-Quarter-Sleeve Faux-Fur-Collar, $119

ASOS Fit and Flare Belted Coat, $123.13

Steve Madden Coat, Flared Raincoat Faux-Leather Belt, $119.98

Casual Friday Looks

by Sherria

Like many employees who work in a corporate environment, I can’t wait until the end of the week when the office deems Friday, “Casual Friday.” Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people take advantage of this unique day of the work week. Please, do not mistake “Casual Friday” for “Bummy Friday.” That means that  strolling into a place of business wearing worn out, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers are not acceptable. Think of “Casual Friday” as a time to show off your sense of style. Depending on your office culture,  some employees must come to work in full suits or dark colors. You are basically made to wear an unofficial uniform four days out of the week. “Casual Friday” is a way to relax from the boring suits and button-ups and be creative with your choice of clothing. I recently viewed a few photos of Actress Nia Long and Singer Melanie Fiona at an event in New York City. Although the event wasn’t your typical glitz and glam, both ladies were dressed well. I think they are perfect examples of how to you can dress for “Casual Friday.”

Dress Down: 

Actress Nia Long spotted at the TARGET “Falling for You” event at Terminal 5 (Photo Credit: Theybf.com)

A*cute picks from Forever 21:

Left: Quilted Puffer Jacket, $32.80 Right: Faux Fur Jacket with Belt, $27.80

Skinny Stretch Jean, $10.80

Lace Platform Pumps, $24.80

Dress Up:

If you aren’t sure about wearing jeans to work, opt for tweed or patterned slacks. A simple black shirt and layered or statement jewelry will help you pull off a sleek look.

Singer Melanie Fiona (Photo credit: Theybf.com). Although this outfit is cute, please make sure that your shirt isn’t see-through. Otherwise, its perfect for any day of the week at work.

Statement Necklace for the Fall: 

Chloe + Isabel Sculpted Feather Collar Necklace, $98

Why we still love fall style

by Sherria

The temperatures are expected to go below freezing tonight in New York. However, winter isn’t here yet.  There isn’t any snow on the ground and the orange and brown leaves are still falling off of the trees. I’m going to enjoy the fall as much as I can before December 21; the first day of the winter solstice. Other than the beautiful scenery, I love fall style. I asked a few A*cute readers what their top style picks were for fall and here’s what they came up with…

Face: Purple and Plum Lip Colors

Plum lips are super sexy during the fall and winter seasons“- says Ashlee Murph.

Main staple:

"There's something classic about blazers," says A*cute Editor, Jackie. "You can wear them with almost any outfit." (Photo taken at A*cute's Annual Clothing Exchange 2010)

A*cute picks:

blazer by sc8571a featuring a knit jacket

Boyfriend jacket, $130
Single breasted jacket, $110
Blazer, $80
Knit jacket, $52


A*cute reader, Toushi, can't get enough fur!

A*cute picks:


Michael kors coat, $175
H M vest, 30
Victoria s Secret cape coat, $126
Michael Kors faux fur vest, $130


"I first discovered this brand in France," says Toushi. "I adore these boots." --Jeffrey Campbell France Suede Boots (shopbop.com, $198)

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Shoes, Sonya Riding Boots (Macy's, $299)

Neutral Territory

by Jackie | Photos by Jennifer Tyre

This fall, I’ve been completely obsessed with neutrals. I’ve even gone so far as to paint the yellow walls in my room gray. Shades of brown, black, gray, and white give me a sense of calm in an otherwise hectic life.

Brown and beige have taken over my fall wardrobe choices.

This mini sweater dress is the perfect weekend style solution. Opaque tights are vital for chilly fall temps.

What I Wore

  • Camel wool trench coat: New York & Co.
  • Belted sweater dress and tights: gift from mom
  • Boots: Steve Madden
  • LV Speedy

I love my new walls! (Silver Sateen, Behr)


Books and Brunch

by Jackie | Photos by Jennifer Tyre

Books have been my escape since my mother read me When I Grow Up before tucking my preschool self in bed. She read it night after night. Eventually, the gold spine characteristic of my Golden Books collection started to wear away. During a lunch break with some of my friends last month, we decided to start a book club. I was excited to be the “Bookettes'” first leader and chose Octavia Butler’s Kindred, the historically based science fiction book that chronicles the time travels of a contemporary Californian woman to pre-emancipation Maryland.

The Bookettes toast author Octavia Butler for a wonderfully written narrative.

I chose the Beacon Bar & Grill for our inaugural brunch. As the mimosas flowed, we dished about the book. What would you do? Was the ending what you expected? Has that ever happened to you? It was truly a fun time, and a great way to meet new people and have meaningful conversation. Can’t wait to do it again next month with a new book and our new group leader, Kirsten!

Our inaugural brunch was so much fun!

We put the "Fun" in "Reading is Fundamental."