Weddings: The Pricetag of Happiness

by Sherria

I have attended two weddings within two weeks! If you are 25 or older then  you are probably familiar with the ritual of putting  putting aside a portion of your paycheck for bridal showers, baby showers, wedding presents and travel expenses. While many have a tendency to complain about expenses associated with weddings (especially if it isn’t your own wedding), I can honestly say that any money spent on both of the weddings I attended were well worth it. This weekend I attended the wedding of a family friend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The “Country Rustic” themed wedding was held at Panorama Farms. I was impressed with the way family members and friends devoted their time, care and attention to planning every detail and helping with decorations. My mother, along with the bride and groom’s parents and extended family members helped to put together flower arrangements, hang lighting inside of the barn and bake cupcakes as an alternative to a wedding cake. As I was surrounded by fun, love and entertaining dance moves, I was overwhelmed with joy for the happy couple and happy that I could share the special day. So, next time you complain about spending money to go to a friend or family members wedding, just think of the joy that you’ll experience when you arrive. It’s priceless!



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