Happy Birthday Sherria!

by Jackie

Join me in wishing the happiest of birthdays to A*cute co-founder and editor, Sherria!

(Photo: Scott Pegram)

(Photo: Scott Pegram)



Charitable Jewelry Trunk Show

Stylish women love jewelry! Smart women find a way to use what they love to give back to others.

On Thursday,  July 12th, I’m hosting a Charitable Jewelry Trunk Show at Hue-Man Bookstore & Cafe in Harlem from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm EST.

To RSVP: Email Lookacute@gmail.com or Register on EventBrite

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.

Quick Facts:

  • Childhood cancers are the #1 disease killer of children – more than asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined.
  • Childhood cancer is not single disease, but rather many different types that fall into 12 major categories. Common adult cancers are extremely rare in children, yet many cancers are almost exclusively found in children.
  • Childhood cancers are cancers that primarily affect children, teens and young adults. When cancer strikes children and young adults, it affects them differently than it would an adult.
  • Attempts to detect childhood cancers at an earlier stage, when the disease would react more favorably to treatment, have largely failed. Young patients often have a more advanced stage of cancer when first diagnosed.

Valentine’s Day: Dine Out in New York City

by Sherria

Most people I know believe that Valentine’s Day is overrated. I will admit that I used to be one of those people. However, I’ve learned to think about Valentine’s Day, and most holidays, differently. I believe that most holidays allow us to take a step back and think about the things that are the most important in our lives. So, while we shouldn’t need a designated day to show love to our partners, I do believe that we can use Valentine’s Day as a day to reflect on our romantic relationships and how to make them better. What better way to have a great discussion about the your relationship than over a tasty plate of food? There are numerous restaurants in New York City that offer a pre-fix menu. The restaurants featured below are great choices for dinner! I’ve dined at each establishment in the past and I can vouch for their daily food menu. Check out their Valentine’s Day pre-fix menu on the links below.

Midtown: Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

Ayza offers a 3-course menu for $74 including champagne and berries. Click here for details.

photo credit: hauteliving.com

Uptown/Harlem: Chez Lucienne

Chez Lucienne offers at 3-course $45 menu.  Click here for details.

Lower East Side: Rayuela Latin Cuisine

Rayuela offers a 4-course cuisine for $68. Click here for details.

Last year, I reviewed Rayuela. Click here to read the post.

Pamper Yourself with Butter by Keba

by Sherria

A box of goodies filled with Butter by Keba products

I was introduced to Butter by Keba products through a friend who lived in Harlem. I have trouble with dry skin and wanted to find out more about brand. After becoming fed-up with drug store moisturizers, I contacted Makeba  Lloyd, founder of Butter by Keba, to learn more about her products. Instead of just “telling” me about the brand, Makeba hand-delivered me a box filled with Butter by Keba products. For the past two weeks, I’ve been using Butter by Keba body butters, lotions, perfumes and salt scrub. Each product is infused with a hand-made fragrance to “capture the essences of color and nature by using eclectic blends of essential and fragranced oils.”*

While using Butter by Keba, I notice that my skin stays soft and moisturized for more than 12 hours. The scent also lasts throughout the day as well. I’m a sucker for moisturizers that smell sweet, so the Georgia Tea Butter has been my body butter of choice for the past three days. I wish the body butters were edible, because they smell so delicious. If you’re interested in purchasing Butter by Keba products, please visit the website. Gift baskets are also available for purchase.

All products "enhance the quality of our skin as well as our daily living experience through the power of scent." - Butter by Keba

Butter by Keba:

Butter By Keba is “a high-end affordable personal care brand,  designed with the fast-paced individual in mind.” The brand “inspires  women and men to slow down and take personal care of themselves with our line of well formulated body care products that offer two enhancing properties, fragrance and moisture.”*

I had an opportunity to ask Founder of Butter by Keba, Makeba Lloyd, a few questions about her product line.

photo credit: ButterbyKeba.com

1)    What inspired this product line? I wanted to create a line of products that offered real lasting moisture and perfume quality fragrance in one without harsh chemicals like Phthalates. *Editor’s Note: According to online sources, Phthalates are being phased out of many products in the US, Canada, and European Union over health concerns.

2)    How does Butter by Keba separate itself from other Harlem perfume and oil vendors? We use a blend of essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils using the technique of a perfumer by combining top, middle and base notes.

3)    In addition to ordering online, can customers find Butter by Keba in local boutiques? Yes, Polish Bar Brooklyn in Prospect Heights carries our line.

4)    You have an extensive line of fragrances. Do you have any plans to expand the products (i.e., cosmetics)? Yes, we have a healthy had care system coming out this month called MyPalmSpa.com.

5) Can you tell me a bit about your hair serum? You can go to (webstie) to find out more information on the hair serum: Fruition Hair Serum is a blend of sunflower, coconut, palm, jojoba and sweet almond oils with just the right amount of shea butter and carnuba wax to give this potion its POW.  Carnuba wax is extracted from the leaf of the palm tree  (Copernica Cerifera-also know as the “tree of life”) and grows primarily in the northeastern regions of Brazil, South America.   When used in very small quantities, it can enhance durability and elasticity of the hair because of its emollient properties.  This product was designed to use in conjunction with other hair products if desired.  Great for chemically treated and natural hair.

About Makeba:

Makeba Lloyd

In 2006, Harlem born,  Makeba Lloyd began blending and mixing fragrance with Shea Butter as a therapeutic hobby to calm and balance her senses while discovering a more convenient method of moisturizing and scenting.  It wasn’t until she traveled to ancient  Egypt on a substantive study tour that the Butter By Keba brand was created to introduce her signature blends.  She was inspired by the illuminating aromas of open air markets in Aswan and fragrant essence houses in Cairo.  Makeba continued her curiosity and fascination of the essence world in the aromatherapy and natural perfumery classrooms of the New York Open Center.  Her learning journey of the natural fragrance world continues as she expands the Butter By Keba brand.

*Quotations from Butter by Keba “About” page.

Restaurant Pick: Mobay Uptown Restaurant

by Sherria

Mobay Uptown Restaurant

After a long day at work yesterday, I decided to get together with my girls to eat and drink our problems away. We met at Mobay Uptown Restaurant, a Caribbean/soul food eatery in Harlem. The food was terrific! We stayed there for about four hours. The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant wait staff. I liked the fact that we weren’t rushed out after eating. Feel free to lounge around, they won’t kick you out until closing time. If you are looking for some of the best Caribbean or soul food, I would suggest Mobay Uptown Restaurant. If you have eaten at there in the past, let me know what you think.

The food put a smile on our faces.