Jennifer’s Style Diaries: The Warby Parker Results Are In! (Finally)

by Jennifer Tyre

Earlier this year, I put my eyewear future in your hands and asked you to choose new frames for me. Thanks for your votes! More than 50% of you chose the Warby Parker’s Crosby in Burgundy Fade, and I couldn’t agree with you more.


PHOTOS: A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show

The photos from the A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show are up on the A*cute Facebook page! Check out some of our faves below! (Click to enlarge and scroll)

Photos by Almenia J. Photography

Celebration of Cool: Weatherproof

by Jackie | Photos by AlmeniaJPhotography

He pulls on his coat collar as an icy wind fails to interrupt his stride.  The hawk is no match for his cool, winter stands no chance against his resolve.

There is nothing more important than having the right coat when temperatures drop. Outerwear becomes a vital part of an outfit during the winter months, taking precedence over what’s underneath. I recently accepted the challenge of finding the perfect winter coat for my friend, Anthony. Check out what he had to say about the experience below.

For the past couple of years in the DMV there have been some blistering winters.  I’ve kept some warm coats (a snorkel, leather, trench etc.), but for a more timid winter this year, I was looking for something a little lighter and more versatile.  I decided on a grey topcoat.  I had been looking on some sites of choice — J. Crew, Banana Republic, Nordstrom — and found a few options.  I wasn’t too excited about any of them, but getting a coat was a must.  So I decided to consult one of my resident fashionista friends, Jackie.  I know she has an eye for these types of things, and her opinion is valued.  She looked at some of the options and she, too, wasn’t that impressed.  She did whatever it is fashionistas do — pray to a bust of Audrey Hepburn, I don’t know — but she came back with several grey coats. 

She mentioned my physique and the type of style she saw me in — “edgy” was the word I think she used — and the choices seemed to fit me to a T.  In the end, I decided on the Grey Top coat with Knitted Collar from Zara.  The coat itself has a knitted zip lining with an outside button closure.  The cut is sleek and rakish and can serve for both evening attire or a winter jaunt around the city — everything I was looking for.  Thanks Jackie and A*cute consulting.  I’m definitely a believer.

Anthony Weatherspoon is a business professional in the financial industry based in Washington, DC.


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Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Vote For Your Favorite Warby Parkers

After wearing my glasses for over two years now,

 I decided it was time to upgrade my eyewear with something more edgy and unexpected. With glasses becoming more of a fashion accessory, I was elated to discover the vintage-inspired designer eyewear collection by Warby
, which offers trendy eyewear that will instantly update any

Not only did I fall in love with the array of bold options, but I fell
in love with the price too! Just $95 plus free shipping for
prescription glasses, no catch. From rebellious to preppy, Warby
Parker offers low-cost, high-quality frames for everyone.

For those relucant to buy glasses online like me, the company offers
an amazing home try-on option for up to five frames at a time so you
can find the perfect pair. I’m currently trying the glasses pictured
below. Vote now and pick your favorite!
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5

Va-Va-Va Vintage: Styling the Birthday Girl

by Jackie 

My roomie, sisterfriend, and confidante Jenn, is usually behind the camera, capturing everyday beauty and turning it into works of art. For her birthday, the photographer is photographed and styled by A*cute!

I decided to create a look for Jenn that was an ode to vintage glamour. She’s a girly girl who loves pearls and clean silhouettes, so the genre was perfect for her. We set out to find reasonably priced items based on the style storyboard I created for her birthday party at Chi-Cha Lounge on U Street.

A red pump is instant vintage glam and added a sexy touch to Jenn's pale pink dress.

This gold clutch was a perfect fit for the theme of the look.

Some red lipstick, lightly winged eyeliner, and Voila!

Simply Beautiful! Happy Birthday Jenn!

Have a special occasion coming up? Want to build the perfect work wardrobe? Transitioning your closet for the fall/winter seasons? Email to book your A*cute styling session!

Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Pretty Bold

by Jennifer Tyre

Jennifer Tyre is a photographer and website specialist based in Washington, DC. Check out her work at
Stay tuned as Jennifer Tyre chronicles her style journey.

Simply put, my make-up routine was safe and boring. I was pretty clueless about what looked best on my face, particularly with eyes and lips. Typically, I’d go for golds and bronzes, and occasionally attempted the smokey eye look if I was feeling “adventurous” (although I never really perfected that either.) Finally, I decided it was time to spice up my look. I headed to Sephora on the hunt for something fun, vibrant and bold!

I was intimidated by these colors at first, but Jackie assured me it was the way to go for a new, striking look. I love the boldness of the palette and the colors blend well together. I always get the best results when I mix and match the colors, rather than sticking with one. By Urban Decay, at Sephora

The key to long-lasting eyeshadow is primer; this actually came with the shadows.

When I’m not in the mood for bold eyes, I go for a bold lip. Since the weather is (allegedly) warming up, I opted for a bright peach/orange tone. This color is by Sephora, which has a wide range of great colors for much less than other pricey brands. For staying power, don’t forget a liner and lil’ clear gloss to make it pop. Color G03 by Sephora

One thing I hate is cakey, heavy foundation…yuck! Instead, I opt for bronzer a lot of times. I Iove the light, shimmery glow that it leaves. True Bronze by Clinque, at Macy’s