An Open Letter to Amy Winehouse

by Sherria

Dear Amy,

 I’m sorry that it’s taken almost a week for me to acknowledge your death on my blog. However, you must understand that the life you lived was a blessing, an inspiration, and a curse.  The loss of you has caused a lot of heartbreak, but I’m glad the world could experience your gift. I didn’t meet you during the first round of your success, when your first album FRANK was released in 2004. It wasn’t until four years later, in 2008, when I had the opportunity to spend a year in your hometown,London. Who is this girl with all of the tattoos? Who’s that girl with the beehive hairdo’? Who is that girl with the powerful voice that everyone keeps talking about? It was you! AMY WINEHOUSE. I saw a poster of you everyday at the Harrow Tube Station where I lived, and everywhere throughout the city. My two favorite tunes from you are Valerie, the duet with Mark Ronson and Rehab from your album BACK TO BLACK. I’d play them everyday going to class or would hear them at a party. My classmate, Ade, was a huge fan of yours and he made me love you even more. Every time your song would come on in a club, he would hop out of his seat and start bopping around and singing your tunes. You made Europe go crazy, you made London adore you, and you made the US accept you. But now that you are gone, you’ve made the world MOURN you. As talented and beautiful as you were, you had demons inside of you and you couldn’t let go. Addiction is a disease; some see it as a curse. I see it as a quick road to death. As shocked as I was to hear that you passed, I couldn’t be too surprised because you’d been poisoning your body for years. Through the pain, through the struggle, I think your life can serve as an inspiration to others; to let your talent shine through and let go of deadly addictions before it’s too late. Sorry to see you leave, but your mark on this world isn’t going anywhere. You’ll live on through your music and the hearts you’ve touched while you are here on Earth. Good night darling.

 RIP Amy Winehouse (September 14, 1983 to July 23, 2011)



Royal Wedding Bliss

by Sherria

Kate and William share a first kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony

This blog was meant to be: Jackie and I are so much alike but so different. I thought the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding was cute. With so many natural disasters and political uprisings going on lately, it’s hard to find any happiness in the world or on the news. This morning, my office served a Royal Breakfast at 8 am. Sorry, but I can’t get into work that early unless it’s on official business. But, I must say that the pictures I’ve viewed of Kate and William are adorable. Side Bar: Yeah, Jackie, Victoria and David were hot as well! 

Click here for more photo’s of Kate’s dress.

Catherine Middleton's dress was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen.

My co-worker, Kristen, wears a fancy head bow in honor of the Royal Wedding:

Royal Pain

by Jackie

The news has been saturated with countdowns and hoopla surrounding the Royal Wedding. While at first, I thought is was cute and endearing, it just became too much. This morning, when I turned on the TV, the couple that made me “Ooh” and “Ah” was not the one exchanging vows.

My jaw dropped when I saw a very pregnant Victoria Beckham virtually glide around the wedding grounds accompanied by her gorgeous husband.

I don’t even remember what Kate wore.

Victoria Beckham's understated navy dress is ridiculously chic.

The Beckhams made me forget all about the Royals.

(photos from Reuters)

A Little Dose of London Part II: Stay Warm ‘Fur’ Winter

Guest post by Christina Charlery 


Christina Charlery is a junior at American University; majoring in Print Journalism


Fur coats are no longer only seen paired with Rolls Royce’s and Upper East Side apartments. Finally, they’ve trickled down to our generation worn fashionably as well as inexpensively. Although the fashionistas in the States have already adopted the fur vest look, everyone and their mommas (literally!) have been rocking full fur coats over here in the United Kingdom. Whether its day, night, in the club, or in a restaurant – fur coats in London are just as common as North Faces in Brooklyn. Naturally, trends move from East to West. So, hop on the wave early so you can fashionably brave the North East’s harsh winter weather. Wearing snorkels to the club are a “no-no”, but a cute fur coat is a great alternative!

Check out this British street style picture! 


About Christina (in her own words):

I’m a junior at American University majoring in print journalism.  I was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey, and I’m certainly enjoying my college life in D.C. Currently, I’m studying abroad in London, England and am loving every minute. In the future, I hope to work for a major lifestyle magazine or do
editorial work for an entertainment/ media company.

A Little Dose of London: Interview with Fashion Stylist, Reemé

by Sherria

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation on Facebook for to view exclusive portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. Thinking it was the museum in Washington, D.C., I was super excited to attend. That is, until I looked at the actual location. There is a National Portrait Gallery in London, U.K. as well. The invitation was from a previous classmate, Reemé, who I’d studied with in London.  Although I couldn’t go to the viewing, I still wanted to catch up with Reemé and ask her a few questions about her production company. THE COLLECTIVE by Reemé and Nina offers production services for live, photographic, and online fashion content. Friends and business partners, Nina (model/choreographer) and Reemé (fashion stylist), came “together to offer their services in production, merging the gap between the freelancing creatives they know and the people who need them.”  I asked Reemé if she would answer a few questions about her business, styling, networking, and her love of fashion. Hope you enjoy!

*If you’re in London by any chance this week, check out her event at the National Portrait Gallery, All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, on Friday, February 11. All Walks’ diverse models showcase Spring Summer 2011 designs by top British designers. You can also preview nine new and previously unseen portraits by internationally renowned photographer, Rankin, to be exclusively revealed on the night.

Interview with Reemé

1)      What was your inspiration to start The Collective?

It was almost two years in the making and evolved from a few different ideas. I approached Nina with the view that since both of us usually takes on more of a production capacity than we are normally hired for, we should go out on a limb and package this somehow, without becoming a formal agency for creatives.

2)      How do you go about networking with people in the industry?

By not trying to. Honestly. I’m always wary of anything branded a ‘networking’ event. Nina and I both have had more than a fair share of good luck meeting similarly minded people in the unlikeliest of places. The world is really that small, or so it appears to be. I just think, always be open, always be friendly!

3)      Who are your favorite designers/brands and why?

I love Burberry for the brave moves they have made and continue to make in merging the online/offline worlds, especially for a luxury heritage brand. Personally though, if I could have a wardrobe filled with Isabel Marant, Missoni and Sass & Bide, my inner ‘hippie-luxe’ would be more than appeased.

4)      How would you define your style?

Umm…hard one. I have to say I like basics. I should probably spend more time on getting dressed. But the aforementioned labels would help that.

Reeme, doing what stylists do!

5)      What advice would you give to up-and-coming stylists?

Be prepared to know how to be more than a stylist, depending on your niche; it can include managing shoots, understanding the press/PR game, trend analysis plus more. Assist a bigger stylist if you can, I never did and would have liked to (let me know how that goes) but mostly stay humble and flexible without losing your own sense of direction, styling is a loose term and I don’t think many of the more established Stylists’ would say there’s one sure-fire route into it.

Designers Reeme Loves:

Isabel Marant (Fall-Winter 2010-2011) Runway


Australian label, Sass & Bide


British Luxury brand, Burberry: A*cute gives Burberry the "Master of the Trench Coat" Award!