Off-Duty Looks: Purple Eye Shadow

by Sherria

Olivia: Singer and co-star of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" Photo credit:

The “freakin’ weekend” is here and although it’s gray outside on the East Coast, I’m planning to add a splash of color to my face with purple eye shadow. After seeing a photo of Olivia from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop on last night, I figured I should stop waiting around to use the purple eye shadow kit I bought by Maybelline. Below are a few eye shadows from brands that I trust as well as a couple of makeup tutorials for applying purple eye shadow. I hope you enjoy. Happy Friday!

A*cute picks:

CoverGirl Eye Enhancer, Color: Purple Pop (Any Local Drug Store, $3.19)

MAC Eye Shadow, Color: Parfait Amour (MAC, $15)

Maybelline EyeStudio Eye Shadow, Color: Purple Icon 30 (CVS, $9.99)

I usually experiment with my makeup by watching tutorials on YouTube. Here’s two that I found helpful for purple eye shadow application.


Beauty Resolution: Wear Red Lipstick

by Jackie

"Currant" lip liner, "Russian Red" lipstick, "Russian Red" gloss by MAC.

I once asked a makeup counter attendant to help me find a bold lip color. His response, “Not for you.” According to him, my skin was too dark to wear anything other than translucent gloss. Ever since then, I’ve been proving him wrong with bright pinks, shocking purples, and vibrant reds. Writing about his color complex would take a whole book, but the moral of the story here is: You can wear any color you want and look and feel absolutely beautiful.

But, don’t take it from me. I am lucky to have had gorgeous women of color wearing various shades of red lipstick come across my Twitter timeline. Red lipstick is a bold way to spice up your makeup look. Worn alone, or paired with thinly winged black eyeliner, it’s an ode to vintage glamor. The key to pulling off a red lip is finding the right shade for you. Have fun mixing lip liners and glosses with lipstick to find your unique shade.

Toya, @LifeofaLadybug, wearing "Box" by Illamasqua.

Violeta, @Black_LatinosUS, wearing "Ruby Woo" by MAC.

Chela, @ChelaBK, wearing "Red Drama" by Clinique.

Quynh, @Queengwen, wearing "Red Lizard" by NARS.

A Man to Remember: Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs - (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) American computer entrepreneur and inventor.

“He goes down as one of the most prolific innovators in the history of business, one man at the center of myriad products whose release and emphatic consumer embrace serve as a handy way to divide the chapters of recent history -– from personal computer to iPod to iPhone to iPad.” -Excerpt from Huff Post: Tech.

Read full article here.

Rain won’t get me down

by Sherria


It’s a cold and rainy day here in New York City, but I won’t allow that to put a damper on my day. In the words of Soulja Boy, I “hopped up out the bed and turned my swag on” and decided to brighten up my day with orange lipstick. Although some may consider orange a summer color, I say “wear whatever color you like during whatever season you like.”

This shade of orange is from MAC Cosmetics, Morange, AC9. To get a shimmer effect, I put a MAC Lustreglass on top- both $15 from MAC.

Inspirational Morning Music!

Prescription: Stay Home!

by Jackie

Every year, without fail, I get sick. No, not with the common cold, but with some ridiculous monster version of a respiratory condition. Fun! [insert sarcasm here]. Though I know this about myself, when I started to develop a slight cough two weeks ago, I ignored it. How could I be sick? I was taking all my asthma meds, drinking gallons of orange juice, washing my hands at every turn, bundling up in the cold, taking vitamins — I thought I was invincible, totally immune to life, a germ-free Wonder Woman, if you will. And, like Wonder Woman, as my “cough” developed, I continued to live my life as usual, hitting the 9-to-5, and then going to the gym. As the days went on, my cough worsened, but I still went to work [Stop judging me, you do it, too].

Reality hit me when the fever did, and I finally went to the doctor. Days after I ignored her direct orders to stay home, I lay in bed with a fever, chest glistening from vapo-rub, and knocked out by antibiotics and cough medicine. [By the way, bronchitis, I HATE you!] Forced by the snowstorm to stay home and rest, I am just now starting to feel like myself again. Thanks to some homemade chicken soup and brownies [thanks Roomie!], when I tell people that I am feeling better, it’s actually the truth.

I have learned my lesson: being a work martyr benefits no one. I can’t do anyone any good if I’m feeling any less than my best. Though medicine can help clear up symptoms, the only real cure is rest.  I can catch up with life next week; it’s not going anywhere.

In the meantime, MAC is launching its Wonder Woman collection next month.  [squeals] I’m definitely going to snag a lipglass.

It’s Pink Friday…on Monday!

Guest post by Kirsten Treadwell

I hate to admit it but I am indeed a Nicki Minaj fan. What can I say? She is entertaining!  That being said, when I heard she was releasing a lipstick color with MAC cosmetics, I was extremely excited! At the time, the lip color, Pink Friday, could only be purchased online on every Friday from November 26 through December 17, 2010. After failed attempts to purchase the lipstick for two Fridays in a row, I was finally able to buy it on December 10; which I thought was perfect since it would arrive before Christmas vacation. WRONG! Pink Friday was literally out of production because it sold out every week. Needless to say, I didn’t see a Pink Friday until Tuesday, January 4, 2011.

My review:

With all the excitement and anticipation surrounding this lip color I really expected it to pop. I was so excited that I put it on at work, but was dismayed when it appeared lack luster at best. I decided to try it on again once I got home so I could use all the proper tools; liners, lip brush and gloss. When I tried it at home I used MAC Magenta liner over the Pink Friday lip color then blended it and applied a shimmery pink gloss over it and it really stood out. I was looking for a color to really stand out for a club look but it’s more of a pale pink that could be worn every day. If you’re looking for a bright pink for a bold look go with Pink Nouveau instead. Over all Pink Friday lip color was much like the album: disappointing and lack luster at first wear/listen but really stands out after playing it up with complimentary liners and glosses/more listens.


Kirsten Treadwell is an Event Planner for a non-profit organization in Washington DC and a fashion and beauty enthusiast.

Basic Essentials

by Sherria

Since I have had such trouble packing my luggage for an upcoming business trip, I had to make some sacrifices. Although I have a case of make-up that I’ve collected through the years, I know that I can only take a few items. I searched through my make-up collection and came to the conclusion that I could only pack the essentials. Below are the items that made the cut.

Make-up bag:

(MAC Concealer) I swear by this concealer. It's the best! I use it on those early mornings when I wake up for work and have dark circles under my eyes. It not only covers up dark circles, but it instantly brightens up your face making you look "alive." It goes on smooth and doesn't cake. If I used a concealer brush, I usually wet the brush a little for a smooth dewy finish.

(MAC Studio Fix Powder) This light powder is great for covering up blemishes. I wear this when I don't want to "look" like I have on make-up. It has a very nice finish.

(Maybelline Great Lash Mascara) This mascara is a classic. The pink and green bottle has been around for a long time and still remains one of the best mascara's despite all of the new "eye lash technology" that newer brands claim to have. "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline"

(Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush) I have tried and tried to sample other lip glosses. But this one works the best for me. It stops my lips from becoming chapped while adding a hint of shine.