Nailing Throwback Thursday

by Jackie

Gave myself a flawless manicure in 10 minutes.

Gave myself a flawless manicure in 10 minutes.

You know that feeling. Your nails look like you’ve been landscaping all day, but you don’t have the time to get to the spa or wait for a base coat, two color coats, and a top coat to dry (even quick dry top coats take time because you have to wait for the the other coats to dry before you apply it. Let me quote the prolific Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”).

I was making a mad dash to bed the other night because I had a big day ahead of me that started at 5:00 a.m. I knew if I tried to give myself a full mani, that I’d end up smudging all of my nails in my sheets.  What’s a girl to do?! Sitting in my mani box was the answer, a package of press-on nails that I got from ImPRESS Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails some months earlier in NYC. I know what you’re thinking: “Press-on nails? That’s so 1992.” I promise you, these look better and feel sturdier than the ones I used to play dress-up with as a little beauty queen wannabe. So far, I like them better than nail stickers because they don’t bubble and the application was quick and easy — prep, peel, stick. Voila!

I think this will be my summer mani go-to. I’ll spend the time I would have spent on my nails at the pool. Oh, and it’s only about $6, so it definitely beats a pricey salon visit.

This color is perfect for whenever it decides to stop snowing.

This color is perfect for whenever it decides to stop snowing.


Merry Mani

by Jackie

Crystal's nails polished in Vodka and Caviar by OPI.

I love to paint my nails red for the holidays, but it wasn’t until this year that I found the perfect red.

My girlfriends and I hit the nail spa on a recent trip to Massachusetts and Connecticut. I borrowed my BFF’s Vodka and Caviar from OPI. I love it because it is striking and soft, and not too vampy. It’s the prettiest red I’ve ever come across.

All dolled up for a night on the town!

Where the Wild Things Are: Press-On Polish

by Jackie 

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and have had no time to paint my own nails or make a salon run for a mani. Knowing how much I HATE to wear my nails bare, nail aficionado Keren came to the rescue with Sally Hansen Nail Effects strips during an impromptu girls’ getaway. I took her up on her offer to apply them for me and in about ten minutes I had the look of a fresh manicure.

My roomie Jenn also got an instant mani with some H&M press-on polish strips. (I know, I couldn’t believe it, either. H&M!) As you can see, we went for a fun animal theme.

Ready to take on the world!

Summer School


I love summer! (Fourth of July Fireworks show on the National Mall)

by Jackie  

Summer seems to be flying by already. I have been taking advantage of the warm weather by spending as much time as possible outside and learning/trying new things.








I am by no means a thrifter, I usually leave that genre of shopping up to my sister, Maronel. But, during a trip home to New York last weekend, I was sold. My mother, sister, and I trekked all over SoHo on a thrift store adventure. Though I have not had much success on past thrift store trips, my mom’s keen eye and sister’s skills got me a deal on an adorable summer outfit from AuH2O Thriftique.

I loved this vested dress so much that I couldn’t wait to wear it. I wore it the minute I got back to the District in time for the Independence Day fireworks show on the National Mall.

I wore cherry red lipstick to turn up the vintage/patriotic feel of the outfit. (MAC Russian Red lipstick and gloss with Currant lip liner.)

Local Boutiquing.

I’ve always loved boutiques for creating an intimate shopping experience. But being from New York, I usually wait until my trips home to visit the small shops in the city. My roommate, Jennifer, recently introduced me to Lou Lou in Dupont, the cutest little accessories shop ever. I guess you can say it was love at first sight. I wanted everything! But, I settled on two pieces.

I am obsessed with pieces that mix “soft and pretty” with “rugged and edgy.” The pearl and ironware necklace and large studded clutch are simultaneously dainty and daring. Just my style! What do I also love about Lou Lou? Their prices are Jackie-friendly. (Mani pictured above: IQ nail polish in purple.)


Just last summer, I learned how to drive, got a license, and got my very own car (shout-out to mom and dad for the extra push lol). Now that I’ve got that down, I figured it was time to finally learn how to ride a bike. Backwards, I know. Late bloomer, you say? Yes. With the help of the fab Kirsten and my stylish and patient roommate, Jenn, I am determined to learn how to ride…eventually.

DC’s Capital Bikeshare is an affordable, and hassle-free way to get around town on two wheels.

What have you been up to this summer? 

Jennifer’s Style Diaries: Nailing it down

by Jennifer Tyre

Jennifer Tyre is a photographer and website specialist based in Washington, DC. Check out her work at

Stay tuned as Jennifer Tyre chronicles her style journey.

This week Jennifer rates Sally Hansen’s newest products for quick nail makeovers.

Insta-Dry Nail Polish

4 out of 5: If you’re like me, a quick drying polish is a must. I seriously stopped painting my nails for a while because I was so tired of smudging my finished product. However, this nail polish actually does dry instantly. I would recommend applying just one coat to prevent chipping or peeling. This line contains a wide range of color options; I tend to lean more toward neutrals and pinks. One of the best things about this polish is the rounded brush, which makes it much easier to paint those tricky sides of your nail. Tip: don’t forget a clear top coat, which helps make your color last!
Salon Effects Nail Strips

3 out 5: By applying these polish strips I was able to skip the drying process completely. The package comes with a variety of colored strip sizes that you fit to your nail. The downside is that the strip is not going to fit perfectly. For my first application, I actually found that it took me longer to try and size the strip to my nail than to actually paint it with regular polish. Also, I had issues trying to smooth out the strip. Overall, I think this application process takes some practice. On the plus side, it’s suppose to last up to 10 days, and this time, no base or top coat is needed.
The verdict
At around $10 a pop for the one-time use nail strips, I’m not all the way sold. I found them a bit too tricky to apply for my taste. Also, I was instantly frustrated that they weren’t as smooth as the picture on the package. Overall, I think the insta dri nail polish is the best way to go for a quick splash of color on the go.

Two-hour Vacation

by Jackie

The harsh winter weather and a hectic professional life has me longing for an island vacation.  Unfortunately, I’m not hopping on a cruise ship anytime soon, but I have found a way to relax and take a breather.  A few months ago, one of my girlfriends introduced me to my mini-getaway location five minutes away from my house — Sassy Nail Salon & Spa in the Takoma section of DC.  Twice a month, we get together and let the stress melt away while getting a gel manicure and/or pedicure.  For a couple of blissful hours, I forget about the 9-to-5 and hang out with my friend.


I became instantly obsessed with CND Shellac in "Rosebud." The subtle color is professional and pretty. Gel manicures typically last me a little more than two weeks with little to no chipping!