Casual Friday Looks

by Sherria

Like many employees who work in a corporate environment, I can’t wait until the end of the week when the office deems Friday, “Casual Friday.” Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people take advantage of this unique day of the work week. Please, do not mistake “Casual Friday” for “Bummy Friday.” That means that  strolling into a place of business wearing worn out, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers are not acceptable. Think of “Casual Friday” as a time to show off your sense of style. Depending on your office culture,  some employees must come to work in full suits or dark colors. You are basically made to wear an unofficial uniform four days out of the week. “Casual Friday” is a way to relax from the boring suits and button-ups and be creative with your choice of clothing. I recently viewed a few photos of Actress Nia Long and Singer Melanie Fiona at an event in New York City. Although the event wasn’t your typical glitz and glam, both ladies were dressed well. I think they are perfect examples of how to you can dress for “Casual Friday.”

Dress Down: 

Actress Nia Long spotted at the TARGET “Falling for You” event at Terminal 5 (Photo Credit:

A*cute picks from Forever 21:

Left: Quilted Puffer Jacket, $32.80 Right: Faux Fur Jacket with Belt, $27.80

Skinny Stretch Jean, $10.80

Lace Platform Pumps, $24.80

Dress Up:

If you aren’t sure about wearing jeans to work, opt for tweed or patterned slacks. A simple black shirt and layered or statement jewelry will help you pull off a sleek look.

Singer Melanie Fiona (Photo credit: Although this outfit is cute, please make sure that your shirt isn’t see-through. Otherwise, its perfect for any day of the week at work.

Statement Necklace for the Fall: 

Chloe + Isabel Sculpted Feather Collar Necklace, $98


An A*cute Moment with Melanie Fiona

by Jackie | Photos from

Billboard Hot 100 Examiner Dee Windt sat down with Grammy award winning recording artist Melanie Fiona to dish about her recently released sophomore album, The MF Life. Windt allowed A*cute to take part in the interview.

A*cute: What is your personal style?

MF:  My personal style is kind of masculine and feminine. If you catch me out in the street, traveling in the airport or like hanging out or whatever, I’m generally in a pair of kicks, baggy jeans and a relaxed t-shirt or tank. I’m pretty casual, relaxed – it’s very kind of like tomboy sexy. I still love accessories and purses and lipstick, so I mix the two worlds together, and I think that’s my personal style on an off day.

If I’m out in the Melanie Fiona world, I kind of tend to step it up where it becomes a little bit more “bohemian chic,” a little bit more rock inspired. And then to step it up even further, for it to be more glam, bohemian couture. So, I just kind of do levels and just upgrade my look.

But I’m really an emotional dresser, I just wake up and say, “How do I feel today?” and if I feel like wearing 8-inch heels, that’s what I’m gonna do.  If I feel like wearing flats and tennis shoes, that’s what I’m gonna do, too.

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