Goodbye Fashion Week…

While Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has ended this week, the city of New York will miss the glitz and glam surrounding the week’s events. Especially….

The Celebrity Parties….


Supermodels Unite for Jordan Dunn's Charity Event

Supermodels (and Rihanna) Unite for Jordan Dunn’s Charity Event


J.Lo Kills the Red Carpet Every Time! (Fashion Rocks Party)


A*cute’s evening viewing Vivienne Tam’s collection…


Fashion "It" Girl - Angela Simmons

Fashion “It” Girl – Angela Simmons

photo 2

Queen of the Night – Vivienne Tam


The Street Style….



NYC will miss you!



A*cute Movies: The Great Gatsby

by Sherria

It’s coming! It’s coming! I’m so excited that The Great Gatsby’ is coming to movie theaters nationwide next Friday, May 10th. I’ve been dying to see this movie since last year!

Last night, stars of the film graciously walked the red carpet. I wish I could have been there. I’m in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. But, since I couldn’t make it (or wasn’t invited…sad face), below are a few websites that reported on the event.

‘The Great Gatsby” New York Movie Premiere 

The Great Gatsby

Website Roundup

StyleCaster: ‘The Great Gatsby” New York Premier: Red Carpet Recap

OK! Magazine: Red Carpet Fashion from “The Great Gatsby” Premiere

PopSugar: The Great Gatsby Gets A Star-Studded NYC Premiere

Casual Friday Looks

by Sherria

Like many employees who work in a corporate environment, I can’t wait until the end of the week when the office deems Friday, “Casual Friday.” Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people take advantage of this unique day of the work week. Please, do not mistake “Casual Friday” for “Bummy Friday.” That means that  strolling into a place of business wearing worn out, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers are not acceptable. Think of “Casual Friday” as a time to show off your sense of style. Depending on your office culture,  some employees must come to work in full suits or dark colors. You are basically made to wear an unofficial uniform four days out of the week. “Casual Friday” is a way to relax from the boring suits and button-ups and be creative with your choice of clothing. I recently viewed a few photos of Actress Nia Long and Singer Melanie Fiona at an event in New York City. Although the event wasn’t your typical glitz and glam, both ladies were dressed well. I think they are perfect examples of how to you can dress for “Casual Friday.”

Dress Down: 

Actress Nia Long spotted at the TARGET “Falling for You” event at Terminal 5 (Photo Credit:

A*cute picks from Forever 21:

Left: Quilted Puffer Jacket, $32.80 Right: Faux Fur Jacket with Belt, $27.80

Skinny Stretch Jean, $10.80

Lace Platform Pumps, $24.80

Dress Up:

If you aren’t sure about wearing jeans to work, opt for tweed or patterned slacks. A simple black shirt and layered or statement jewelry will help you pull off a sleek look.

Singer Melanie Fiona (Photo credit: Although this outfit is cute, please make sure that your shirt isn’t see-through. Otherwise, its perfect for any day of the week at work.

Statement Necklace for the Fall: 

Chloe + Isabel Sculpted Feather Collar Necklace, $98

NYC Movie Screening: Donnie Darko

by Sherria

 Tompkins Square Park will screen “Donnie Darko” at 6:00 pm with Pizza provided by Two Boots as part of the “Free Films in Tompkins Series.”

“Donnie Darko is a 2001 American science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Richard Kelly and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze, Noah Wyle, Jena Malone, and Mary McDonnell.”– description provided by an online source

Movie Trailer

What NOT to Do at Your Internship

Courtesy of New York Women in Communications

Steer clear of these internship “don’ts” this summer!

 1. Don’t dress like you’re at the beach or heading out to a club.

Let’s make one thing clear: inappropriate dress is completely unacceptable. Excessive sequins, short shorts/skirts, flip flops, low-cut shirts, sprayed on pants and backless tops are NOT okay at work no matter how relaxed the dress code may be. The impression you leave on your colleagues and supervisors is just as important as the work you submit to them, so make sure your appearance doesn’t negatively affect their opinion of you.

2. Don’t be glued to your cell phone.

Your hours at an internship are not meant for catching up with friends and arranging your Saturday night activities. You are there to help out and learn, so turn your mobile devices off and focus on the tasks at hand. Not given any assignments? Use that time to walk around the office and network, or ask for more work!

3. Don’t sabotage your fellow intern.

Everyone wants to get ahead in the workplace, but it’s important to be a fair, honest coworker. Stealing assignments from other interns, “forgetting” to forward a message about a meeting, and ratting out a mistake is unethical behavior and will not get you as far as it will hurt you. Try to be a team player with the other interns and you may gain more in the long run. You might just make a new friend. And even if you don’t see him/her as a potential new BFF, still be kind and cooperate because you could working with (or even for) them in a few years!

4. Don’t complain.

You didn’t sleep last night. You’re cold. You’re hot. You’re hungry. You can’t believe you have to stay overtime. You’re bored. You have too much work…blah blah blah. Nobody likes a whiner so try to keep the moaning and groaning to yourself. Instead, voice how excited you are about a challenging assignment, new responsibility or how much you’re enjoying your internship. As the saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

5. Don’t be a recluse.

Sitting behind a desk, toiling away on your assignments is symbolic of an A+ intern. Remember, though, that being in a workplace is not just about completing your individual work. It’s also about forming connections and relationships with your office mates. If everyone seems to be gathering for a coworker’s birthday or to celebrate the birth of someone’s baby, ask your boss if it’s ok to join in and share your well wishes.

And 5 Little Don’ts…

1. Don’t slouch in your chair/put your feet up on the desk (even if no one is watching)

2. Don’t sign into Facebook. Temptation is too great, so just shut it all down.

3. Don’t forget your manners!

4. Don’t take an excessive lunch break.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

~Jacki Bryk

Columbia College ’13, English & Comparative Literature

Editor’s Note: I joined New York Women in Communications a year ago and I found the organization to be quite resourceful. This article is very helpful for those who are interested in starting an internship this summer. (Sherria)