BET Rip the Runway

by Sherria

British Musical Artist, Estelle and Plus-size Designer, Monif C were the best dressed on BET’s Rip the Runway Red Carpet. To see more highlights from the show, click here.

A*cute Winners: Estelle and Monif C

Get the Look:

Victoria's Secret: Lexie Skinny Crop Pants ($49.50) and Long & Lean One-button Cotton Jacket ($98)

Design by Monif C: "Elsa" Color Block Ponte Knit Dress Ivory/Brown ($198)

Shop Victoria Secret, here.

Shop Monif C, here.


A*cute fan lands a spot in Essence Magazine!

A*cute congratulates Keren Johnson for landing a photo in Essence Magazine. Go girl!

Friend, fan, and guest blogger: Keren Johnson pictured in Essence Magazine

Check out the full photo gallery on The Top Twenty Brands for Curvy Girls

Guest Post: Plus Size Summer Style

by Maronel Stewart

Maronel Stewart is a rising sophomore at George Washington University, majoring in business. The up-and-coming fashionista is a thrift-store enthusiast with an eye for everything fab!

I wanted to share a few ideas on how to keep cool and comfortable in
the summer as a plus sized woman.

First rule of thumb: short shorts are a no no. Besides the fact that
they don’t compliment our bodies well, they lead to unnecessary
chafing and overall discomfort.  Making your own shorts allows for you
to create a length that is most comfortable for you while also
creating a length that is flattering to your body’s unique width and
height.  I made my own shorts with a pair of jeans I bought from
Martha’s Outfitters, a community thrift store on 14th and V in
Washington D.C.  Although the pants only cost me $3, the shorts I made
with them are probably the most valuable asset to my summer wardrobe.

Get the look: Saunter over to your local thrift store (or, if you’re
not into thrifting, any regular store) and pick up a pair of jeans a
size bigger than your normal size (so that they comfortably fit your
thighs when rolled).  After washing them, try them on.  In your
mirror, determine a comfortable length for your shorts, and cut the
fabric two inches longer than this determined length.  The two inches
of extra fabric will be utilized for rolling.

A sheer top is a great option for a stylish summer outfit. Sheer tops
allow for you to simultaneously be trendy, comfortable, and cool.  I
wore a regular black camisole under this long sleeved sheer blouse and
was able to enjoy the breeze without compromising my image.

Get the look:

Faith 21 of Forever 21, $24.80

I personally don’t like having too much of my back exposed, so I make
use of denim vests to accompany tank tops and dresses.  The denim vest
shown in the two top pictures was made from an old jacket I had many
years ago. I cut the sleeves of another denim jacket, purchased at
Martha’s Outfitters, to create to create the denim vest shown in the
bottom picture. Not only do denim vests cover the back area and the
lumps caused by our bras, but they also add a touch of spunk to an
outfit. With the right accessories, a denim vest can give an outfit a
whole new attitude.

Get the look: Lane Bryant, $54.95


Mia Amber: Forever Beautiful

by Jackie

The fashion community mourns the loss of plus size model, actress, and producer Mia Amber .

Mia Amber broke the mold in a cookie-cutter fashion world, where often one model is a carbon copy of another. I remember browsing the MonifC website, and saying to myself, “Who is this beautiful brown girl?

Her undeniable beauty remains with us in her photographs. Click here to visit her official fan page.

Get it before it’s gone

by Sherria

It’s that time again: SALE SEASON. Now that summer is coming to a close in a few weeks, your favorite department stores and boutiques are gearing up to change the wardrobe for the fall season. You can still find some great dresses that you can wear now or in the fall. My mom brags about Macy’s sales. She says that Macy’s has the BEST sales ever. From what I found online, I can see that the store does have affordable mark-down prices. Below are two style choices that can be worn late August and in the fall. Both dresses are great for work, happy hour, or dinner with a friend. Let me know what you think. Jackie and I love when our readers tell us their opinions. Hope you enjoy!

Dress Up Your Sale Items:

On Sale: Style&Co. Dress, Cap Sleeve Stud Collar Ponte Knit (Macy's, sale price $49.99). Play up the stud collar with exotic jewelry. I love cuffs and bangles. Try an Egyptian look with gold cuffs or match the collar with a studded purse.

On Sale: Necessary Objects Plus Size Dress, Puffy Sleeve Ruffled Wrap (Macy's, sale price $47.99) Don't wear plain silver or gold jewelry. Have fun with this dress. Play it up with colorful jewelry such as orange, or even hot pink. Make a statement!

For more of Macy’s sale items, click here.

Fashion Foundation

by Sherria

“You should care about choosing the right type of undergarments just as much as you care about choosing the perfect outfit.” 

When I was a little girl my mother taught me to wear dark underwear under light clothes. Why? Because I’m BROWN! Anyone who wears white or light-colored clothing should wear undergarments that are closest to their skin complexion. When I wore skirts and dresses to Sunday service my mother made me wear a slip. Why? Because skirts and dresses are usually made with light fabrics that are see-through in the sunlight. When I started to go to evening affairs with friends in college I bought a strapless bra WITH SUPPORT. Why? Because buying a strapless bra without support (i.e. bandeau bra) will not hold ‘the girls’ up for long once you start dancing and moving about. No matter how cute your outfit is, if you are wearing IMPROPER undergarments, you will look unkempt.  

 With that said, ladies please search for the proper undergarments for any outfit that you wear. Victoria’s Secret is not the only store for undergarments.  My friends who have been blessed with larger bust sizes have had trouble finding comfortable underwear in chain lingerie stores.  My co-worker, Jenni, mentioned a specialty shop (Dor-ne Corset Shoppe) in Silver Spring, Maryland that can measure and tailor your undergarments to fit your body. I’ve also searched online for some affordable pieces that fabulous plus-size women can wear under their stylish outfits.

 Happy Hour:

Left: "Naomi" High Shoulder Dress w/Panels-Black Leopard (Monif C., $198) Right: Spanx Slim Cognito Body Shaper (Lane Bryant, $76)

Rooftop Party:

Left: "Raquel" Black Jumpsuit with Leopard Print Belt (Monif C., $198) Right: Spanx Slim Cognito Mid-Thigh Shaper (Lane Bryant, $50)

Dinner Party:

Left: "Marilyn" Ruched Convertible Dress- Red (Monif C., $215) Right: Goddess Seamless Molded Underwire Bridal Strapless Bra (, sale $31.50)

*Featured style options from Monif C. ‘Contemporary Plus Size Clothing’Pre-Fall Collection 2010

Young, Fat, and Fabulous Blogger Conference: Meet & Greet

by Christina Ventura NYC Correspondent

Re-Dress NYC is a vintage and resale clothing boutique nestled in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and the perfect setting for the Young, Fat, and Fabulous Blogger Conference Meet & Greet. You may have heard of Re-Dress in The New York Times Style section or Italian Vogue.

Vintage Selections at Re-Dress

Re-Dress has a great selection in terms of plus-size clothing. Two of the hardest things to find for a curvier woman are bathing suits and a nice, classy pair of jeans. Thankfully, these ladies can provide a few choices. They have a wide range of jean brands and styles. 

“[Re-Dress] has a wide range of jean brands and styles,” says Christina

Summer in New York City has been sweltering to say the least and several visits to the pool or beach are necessary. Re-Dress has a few bathing suit styles for the curvy girls that are sexy but tasteful.

 The quaint shop also has work-wear for both men and women however it wasn’t exactly geared towards the younger person entering the workforce. The same can be said for the formal wear; many of the pieces looked like something you would find in the plus-size section of a department store. Ask any curvy woman about their experience in department stores and they will tell you how disappointing the choices can be. Some of the gowns at Re-Dress were shapeless and a bit garish. The blame doesn’t fall solely on Re-Dress though because it is an example of what many manufacturers are producing.

 All in all, Re-Dress is definitely a strong step in the right direction towards changing plus-sized fashion. The shop has a great retro feel but it’s not at all the musty environment you sometimes find in vintage shops. They have a funky sense of style that’s refreshing because, for once, it includes options for curvier women who want to express their personalities. The fatshionistas at the YFF Blogger conference were well-dressed, well-spoken, and ready to transform the face of the fashion market.

Young, Fat, and Fabulous Fashionistas mix and mingle at Re-Dress Vintage Boutique

“The fatshionistas at the YFF Blogger Conference were well-dressed, well-spoken, and ready to transform the face of the fashion market,” says Christina.