The Eternal Muse: Josephine Baker

by Jackie


I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on.

Happy birthday to dancer, singer, actress, and activist Josephine Baker.

Happy birthday to dancer, singer, actress, and activist Josephine Baker.


The Morning After: Rihanna Round-up

Rihanna captured rock star chic with her performance outfits during her Diamonds World Tour. (Photo: Splash News)

Rihanna captured rock star chic with her performance outfits during her Diamonds World Tour. (Photo: Splash News)

by Jackie

My voice is gone. My legs are killing me. And, I have a pounding headache. No, I am not recovering from some warehouse rave, it’s the morning after my Rihanna’s Diamond’s World Tour experience at the Verizon Center in downtown DC.  It was more than just a concert, it was the best party ever. The sold-out arena felt like a night out on the town with your BFF club hopping through set changes from the reggae hall to the rock spot.  [Thanks for the tickets, Santa! 😉 ]

I just had to wear my Rihanna-inspired top. I'm not brave enough to tattoo a bird on my chest, but I will wear a screen-printed tank.

I just had to wear my Rihanna-inspired top. I’m not brave enough to tattoo a bird on my chest, but I will wear a screen-printed tank.


Check out my Rihanna round-up:





Breaking Style News: Skin is Out at the Grammy Awards

by Jackie


What will RihRih do now?

Sultry songstress Rihanna is among other previously barely-dressed songstresses that had to abide to the Grammy’s new dress code, according to Vogue. The official advisory sent to attendees warns against indecent exposure: “Please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered. Thong type costumes are problematic. Please avoid exposing bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack. Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic. Please avoid sheer see-through clothing that could  possibly expose female breast nipples.”

J. Lo’s infamous Versace gown is in definite violation of the new Grammy’s dress code.


I am no stranger to dress codes, having attended Catholic schools throughout my childhood and adolescence. I also believe that there is an appropriate way to dress for the office (duh, look at this blog). But, have the Grammy’s gone too far? Is this censorship? If there are no wardrobe malfunctions, what would Joan Rivers talk about?

The Procrastinator’s Guide: Holiday Gifts for Your BFF

by Acute Editors

What do you get your BFF? You’ve never had to DTR this partnership. Show him/her how much you’ve appreciated the iconic partnership that all classic buddy comedy films are made of.

The We-Might-As-Well-Be-Roomies BFF


If you’re over your BFF’s apartment more than your own, and you’re always treated to a home-cooked meal, give the gift that keeps on giving. Fifty Shades of Chicken is a hilarious culinary take on its almost-namesake novel that had readers sipping on ice water. This cookbook turns the heat on in the kitchen and is sure to get used over and over again.

The We-Have-Our-Own-Theme-Song Bestie


Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” tour kicks off in 2013.

If you and your bestie can’t get ready for a night out on the town without turning the volume up on your fave dance track, then concert tickets are the way to go. Though the main entertainment will surely be onstage, the memories you’ll have will last years longer.

The Hipster in Denial


We all have that friend — the one who loves to hate hipsters, but takes an hour to get the I-just-got-out-of-bed look exactly right. They make everything themselves and Instagram it in the Earlybird filter. An at-home beer making kit says, “I know you’re a hipster, and it’s cool with me.”

The DIY Diva


Regular salon visits can start to add up. Save your bestie some coin and time with an at-home gel mani kit. She won’t have to open another gift with a chipped mani ever again.

Hair Tips for Blondes

by Sherria

Can you believe that I was once a blonde?!

Senior Year 2007

As a kid, I would get complements on my mixed copper and brown toned hair. After keeping the same hair color for about 20 years, I decided to switch it up a bit. During my senior year in college I took the drastic approached and dyed my hair honey blonde. Some of my friends said that I looked like an Aborigine, but I didn’t care. I loved my blonde hair. The only problem with dying my hair that light was keeping it moisturized. Below are a few tips I learned from various hair stylists to keep your hair healthy as a blonde.

Hair Tips for Blondes

#1 Always Moisturize: If your hair is already prone to dryness then dying it any color might not be a good idea. However, make sure to ask your stylist about moisturizing colors. The stylist might try a semi-permanent color on your hair instead of permanent color. If you decide to go through with permanent color, use shampoo for color-treated hair. I highly recommend Aveda products. They are great for all hair types.

Aveda Color Conserve Line (Go to to purchase. This line can usually be purchased at your local hair salon/spa)

#2 Cut Split Ends: Whether you are blonde, brunette, red head or rainbow head, please remember to trim your ends. Trimming is recommended every 6 weeks. This will help to eliminate dead ends and shedding.

#3 Don’t over-process: Regardless of ethnicity, if you have used chemicals on your head (i.e., perm or relaxer) recently, DO NOT get your hair dyed. Wait at least 4 weeks to get your add color to your hair. Even if you think you have the strongest hair follicles ever and an iron scalp, you’re better safe than sorry. So, WAIT!

My favorite blonde at the moment, my girl RiRi: