It’s almost here…

by Jackie
Like most other women on the planet, I am (im)patiently waiting for next week’s premiere of Sex and The City 2.  Last weekend, some girlfriends and I watched the first installment (again) to get ready.  While we were engrossed in the drama, we “oohed and aahed” at the fashion. Two years ago, I just had to have Carrie‘s gladiator heels when I saw them on the big screen. I cannot wait to witness the fashion frenzy that the girls will inspire this time.

Get the look! You can take these Sex-and-the-City inspired looks straight to the office.


This look is the perfect mix of pretty and edgy.

      (From left to right) Charlotte, Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha inspired many shopping trips after the premiere of Sex and the City the movie.


      This Calvin Klein ruffle dress captures Charlotte's girly style. (Click on the image to purchase.)


      You can always count on Miranda for a classic and conservative look. This dress means business.


      Bright. Flashy. Sexy. Capture Samantha's style with this siren red blazer.