Sherria’s Spring Wish List

by Sherria

The sun is finally starting to shine here on the East Coast and it’s putting me in “shopping mode.” Since I already have a ton of clothing in my closet from last spring, I’m planning to add only a few small accessories and dresses to my spring/summer wardrobe. I believe that small accessories can be mix and matched with the same outfit to create a totally different look (FYI: It’s also more economical than purchasing more clothes).

Below are three of my top picks to add to a spring wardrobe:


spring wish list


Kealla Wedge Sandal (ALDO, $65)

Navy Enamel Bezel Silicone Metro Watch (Kate Spade, $175)

Botanical Woven Dress (Forever 21, $19.90)



Now, Everyone Can Go Nude.

by Jackie

I need to learn to trust my ideas. If I did, I’d be rich by now. For years, I’ve been searching for the perfect nude shoe that would match my deep brown complexion. I don’t know what the technical term is for my shade, but think of a perfect cup of hot chocolate, and you’ve got me 😉 . The Cristian Louboutin house has released “Nudes,” a five-shade collection in a variety of styles to match any skin tone. I hope that other designers (especially those in my price range) take the hint and realize that “nude” should include more than just Caucasia.  It’d be great to also have hosiery, nail polish, and underwear follow suit.

Picture courtesy of the Louboutin Nudes iPhone App.

Louboutin developed an app that lets you find your perfect shade. (Picture courtesy of the Louboutin Nudes iPhone App.)


I mean, my birthday IS coming up. [insert wink here] No? Ok.

Casual Friday Inspiration

by Sherria

I usually wear jeans, a plain shirt and blazer on “casual Friday”. I try to jazz it up a bit with statement jewelry. If your office doesn’t allow you to wear jeans, you can wear a pair of slim slacks.

I think my whole outfit is from Forever 21. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to look professional. However, please keep in mind that not everything from Forever 21 is appropriate for work. So, remember to try on the clothes in a fitting room before making a purchase.

If you have questions about work appropriate clothing, please feel free to ask Jackie and I anything. Email us at


I always take a pair of ballerina flats with me to work even when I wear heels. They are great to walk in when you are running out the door for lunch or just walking home from work.

I love Kate Spade! 


Dressing for the Office Holiday Party

by A*cute Editors

Finding the perfect dress for an Office Holiday Party can be a bit tricky. You want something that is festive and cute, but doesn’t scream “take me to the nightclub now!” According to the Management Study Guide, “Party at the office does not mean one has the liberty to wear revealing clothes.” Wearing a dress that shows too much cleavage or a skirt that shows your underwear is not impressive. Although the party may be an after-work function, you will be surrounded by co-workers and more importantly, supervisors. While they may not treat you as if you are on-the-clock, supervisors are constantly overseeing employee grooming and behavior. Remember, you don’t have to go on an entire shopping spree to find an appropriate outfit for the office holiday party. Mix festive colored blouses that may be hiding in your closet (i.e., silver, red, gold) and match them with a knee-length black skirt. Fun jewelry can give flair to any outfit. At A*cute, we LOVE dresses! Below are a few inspirational holiday office party dresses. What are you planning to wear to your office party? Comments Welcomed 🙂

Office holiday party

Preen lbd dress

Azzaro sheer mini dress
$1,835 –

Ted Baker zipper dress

Christian louboutin shoes

Kelsi Dagger red shoes

Walk a Mile [or more] in My Shoes

by Jackie

So, I just discovered eBay. Please grant me a late pass. I’m used to just giving my gently worn clothes away, but I’m saving up to shop for something special, so I’ve decided to sell some of my once-worn items online. Through the magical world of Twitter, I’ve connected with some wonderful dolls who I trusted with my items.

I know what you’re thinking. What business of it is mine who wears my shoes after they’re sold? Well, I love my shoes. It’s almost as if I’m in a relationship with them. And, I’m more of the “If you should ever find someone new, I know [s]he’d better be good to you” than the “You Oughta Know” variety when it comes to break-ups. It’s important to me that they end up in a good home.

After successful sales, I’m slightly addicted to eBay now, so I’m sure that I will have more items for sale soon. Until then, happy shopping, and selling!

While I Was Out: Jezabelle’s Flash Mob Street Fashion Show

by Jackie

I’ve been recovering from a sinus infection (yet, again), and high altitude sickness from a recent work trip to Denver.  Yes, it’s real. I didn’t think it was a real thing until it hit me. Ever had a hangover? Well, imagine feeling like that for five days. Fun! [insert sarcasm here]

While I was home, apparently I missed a flash mob street fashion show in DC’s Dupont Circle produced by custom shoe design/alteration company, Jezabelle. Lucky for me, my coworker Keiana snapped some pics of the action:

I love flash mobs of all kinds. This idea reminded me of an episode of Gossip Girl when “Little J” crashed a high brow NYC event with a surprise fashion show. (I’m still catching up on Netflix.) I thought it was genius, and would have loved to have seen something like this in person.

The sample designs  from Jezabelle’s Facebook page are fun and imaginative. Seems perfect for the girl who is bored easily and wants a shoe design that no one else would have. They would be a conversation starter.