Adding More Fun to Your Summer Style

Guest Post by Tina Hamilton


The summer sunshine, blooming flowers and clear skies are all reasons to be grateful for the wonderful season. It’s a perfect time to get outside, express your emotions and enjoy your blessings. Showcasing your personal style is a great way to express all of those emotions. This year, make your summer style as vibrant and happy as your personality to show everyone just how fabulous summertime can be.

There are a lot of different ways that you can make your summer style fun. No matter what, you should always let your personality shine through your wardrobe. Your daily fashion is the best way to express the way that you feel that day, so let everyone know how happy you are that summer is finally here. Here are some ways that you can add more fun to your summer style.

Choose bright colors

There are bright colors everywhere in summer, not only outside but also in fashion. Trends this year involve coral and orange tones that flatter almost every skin tone. Break the mold by trying out a few of these colors. You can even pair them with other bright colors for an outfit that screams summer fun. Be careful, however, that your colors are in the same color palate and that they complement each other. This means that one should be slightly more dominant than the other to balance your look out.

Show a little skin

The weather is heating up, so it’s time to push the limits and let a little more skin show this summer. You don’t have to strip down to a bikini every day, but there are some ways to can strategically show more skin to add more mystery and sex appeal to your look without being over the top.

You can take this in small steps, like wearing a high heel with skinny straps for your next night out, or be a little more dramatic with a crop top and high waist skirt to show just a little extra skin. Try perfect fitting bras in lace peeking out underneath some of your low cut racer back tank tops for a fun, flirty look.

Pull inspiration from nature

We love having fresh, bright flowers in our homes for summer, so why not let your love of nature show in your clothing choices? There are great floral patterns in every style of clothing that is perfect for summer every year. This season’s trends involve big prints, but you can work in last year’s tiny floral prints as well.

Wear clothes that are completely you

No matter what season it is or what trends are in fashion at the moment, you should always feel comfortable in the clothes that you are wearing. Wear things that you truly like, not just what you think it the trendiest at that particular time. Pick things that flatter your body and make you feel beautiful every day. If you do this, you can stick to a smaller wardrobe that you can mix and match to meet the needs of any day.


Author Bio:

Tina Hamilton is a journalist, blogger and social media guru. You can usually find her online or walking along one of Southern California’s beaches with her dog, Joey. You can find her on Twitter.


Summer Espadrilles

by Sherria 

Espadrilles are back in style! The approximately 400 year-old style was said to have been worn by King of Aragons’ infantry men in the XIII century. The style has evolved into a popular shoe staple among women in the summer seasons.  Nowadays, anyone can shop for a pair of espadrilles in most department stores, including Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.

I love espadrilles because they are multi-functional, cute and casual. Espadrilles can be worn from the rooftop party to the museum visit. On the other hand, if you work in an office setting, wedged espadrilles can be appropriate. However, I would not recommend the casual look for a business meeting. I would suggest wearing them on an average work day and casual Friday’s.

Below are A*cute’s top espadrille picks for summer: 





1) Seville Wedge Espadrille (J.Crew, $128)

2) Lanii Espadrille Flats (STEVEN by Steve Madden, $99)

3) Ganessa Espadrille Platform Wedge Sandals (Calvin Klein, sale $54.50)

4) Galia Stripped Canvas Espadrille Flats (Christian Louboutin, $445)

Keep Swimming

by Jackie

Playa Corona, Panama  (Photo by: Me!)

Playa Corona, Panama (Photo by: Me!)

I don’t know how to swim.

I could list many excuses why, including an inherited fear of drowning, a childhood spent in the city, and a general fear of things I cannot control, but the fact still remains, I’m the girl who won’t venture past her waistline in water. I finally decided that I didn’t want to spend another summer wading idly, and signed up for swimming classes. I had fun during my first class, and aced the elementary backstroke. It’s a simple move for a more experienced swimmer, but it felt like I won an Olympic medal when I reached the marker at the pool’s halfway point. I was swimming!

Fast forward to my second lesson: the flipper kick. The combination of being face-down in the water and having legs that aren’t used to kicking to stay afloat made it difficult for me. After thrashing around like a fish out of water, my instructor told me that my legs were just muscle-dense, the consequence of incessant leg days at the gym. I’d have to work a bit harder. I kept at it, and kept at it, but it still wasn’t working. I text a swimmer-friend with a similar build and asked her how she did it. She replied, “Just keep swimming.”

There will be days when things come easy, and days when you’re challenged. There will be people who are in your corner, and others who try to tear you down. There will be times when you’re confident, and moments when you doubt yourself. But, no matter how hard it is to keep your head above water, just keep swimming.


Q&A: What to expect at the A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show

Swap and shop at the 3rd Annual A*cute Clothing Exchange. (Almenia J. Photograpy)

Swap and shop at the 3rd Annual A*cute Clothing Exchange! (Almenia J. Photograpy)

We cannot wait to host the 3rd Annual A*cute Clothing Exchange & Trunk Show this Saturday, September 21, 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Mad Hatter located in DC’s Dupont Circle at 1319 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Here are some clothing exchange FAQs, so you can know what you’re in for.

What if my clothes/accessories are outdated?

One [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure. When it comes to a clothing exchange, this old adage could not be truer. You may think something is out of style, but someone else with a new perspective could pair your item with a piece from their wardrobe and make a new outfit. Style is often recycled. A fresh pair of eyes and some imagination can turn your something old into someone else’s something stylish.

I don’t have any clothes or accessories to bring to the event. Can I still participate?

Of course! Anyone who purchases a ticket will be able to pick up exchange items and shop the trunk show. The clothing exchange is a fun event where you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Don’t believe us? Check out pics from last year’s shindig.

Is the event only for women?

Not at all! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

I want to support, but can’t make the event.

That’s easy. Buy a ticket and spread the word: Extra items and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Crittenton Services of Greater Washington, an organization dedicated to strengthening the ability of young women to achieve their goals and the New Hope Recreation and Development Center, a community initiative based in Ellendale, Delaware designed to provide educational opportunities for at-risk youth, adults, and senior citizens.

If you have any other questions about the event, email us at or tweet @AcuteConsulting! See you Saturday!

Dear Summer…

by Jackie

To everyone that complained about the humidity and the the hot temperatures, you win. Summer, my favorite season, is ending. Though I am sad to see it go, it has truly been one of the best summers I’ve had since I was in school and had three whole months off.  I know it’s not over quite yet, but I couldn’t help but reminisce about some of my favorite summer 2013 moments, and of course, I had to share them with you.

photo(14)I can’t count how many times I’ve been to New York this summer. Every trip has been worth the nearly impossible traffic traveling from DC. Whether it was celebrating my dad’s birthday with a family party in my parents’ backyard, shopping with my mom, chasing July 4th fireworks with my sister in my old neighborhood, or going to throwback parties with my friends, I was home again.

photo(15)For a week, I was beautifully overwhelmed by the sisterhood that I joined more than nine years ago. The 51st national convention of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was more than just a gathering of sorority women, it was a reunion of epic proportions. DC didn’t know what to do with the tens of thousands of women that descended upon the city in July to celebrate the sorority’s Centennial. It was an experience that I will carry with me forever.


I got to chat with Jill Scott for an hour about her dreams, her passions, and all the stuff that makes her the dynamo that she is. Ok, not really, but that’s how it felt to attend the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art Director’s Discussion Series featuring the Grammy Award winning singer. It was refreshing to hear her talk about how much she treasures the simple moments in life, and to recall the lessons passed down by the women in her family.

Earlier this year, I was riding in my BFF’s car (during yet another trip to New York) as she was playing Lianne La Havas’s debut album “Is Your Love Big Enough?” A couple of notes in, and I was hooked. I know I’m late to the game, but I was besides myself with fangirl excitement when I saw her perform at SummerStage in Central Park (during still yet another trip to NYC). I play her album every day and get lost in her voice. She’s simply amazing.

photo(16)My all-time favorite summer moments are the ones that I spent with my sister, Maronel. From Sister Sundays to random Starbucks dates, it has been fun to hang out with her. She is a natural comedienne and keeps me up to date with all of the trends. I’m blessed to have a built-in friend like her.