Girls Guide to Surviving Hurricane Sandy

by Sherria

Hurricane Sandy has already ripped through the Caribbean and may hit the East Coast in the next few days. If you plan to stay in the house when the storm hits, below are a few essentials you’ll need.

*Note: The Essentials listed below are not safety and hazard items. They are fun items if you decide to skip work or school.

1. SEXY SIPPIN’ – If you stay in the house with your friends, you won’t want to keep washing cups every time you have a drink. Opt for a flask.


S.S. Drunk Flask, $18


Printed Fabric Wrapped Flask, $18

2. CLASSIC MOVIES – Who doesn’t love a good movie when they are stuck at home for the day? Ferris Bueller’s Day off is one of my all-time favorite lazy day movies.


3. COMFY SLEEPWEAR – Forget a Snuggie! Go back to your childhood with a warm, comfy onesie.


Nick & Nora Women’s Zebra Footie Pajama, $24.99

4. FOOD AND SNACKS – Diet, who? Diet, what? Diets don’t exist on hurricane or snow days! Go to the grocery store and purchase your favorite snacks or order food from a take-out restaurant before the storm hits.



Casual Friday Looks

by Sherria

Like many employees who work in a corporate environment, I can’t wait until the end of the week when the office deems Friday, “Casual Friday.” Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people take advantage of this unique day of the work week. Please, do not mistake “Casual Friday” for “Bummy Friday.” That means that  strolling into a place of business wearing worn out, ripped jeans and dirty sneakers are not acceptable. Think of “Casual Friday” as a time to show off your sense of style. Depending on your office culture,  some employees must come to work in full suits or dark colors. You are basically made to wear an unofficial uniform four days out of the week. “Casual Friday” is a way to relax from the boring suits and button-ups and be creative with your choice of clothing. I recently viewed a few photos of Actress Nia Long and Singer Melanie Fiona at an event in New York City. Although the event wasn’t your typical glitz and glam, both ladies were dressed well. I think they are perfect examples of how to you can dress for “Casual Friday.”

Dress Down: 

Actress Nia Long spotted at the TARGET “Falling for You” event at Terminal 5 (Photo Credit:

A*cute picks from Forever 21:

Left: Quilted Puffer Jacket, $32.80 Right: Faux Fur Jacket with Belt, $27.80

Skinny Stretch Jean, $10.80

Lace Platform Pumps, $24.80

Dress Up:

If you aren’t sure about wearing jeans to work, opt for tweed or patterned slacks. A simple black shirt and layered or statement jewelry will help you pull off a sleek look.

Singer Melanie Fiona (Photo credit: Although this outfit is cute, please make sure that your shirt isn’t see-through. Otherwise, its perfect for any day of the week at work.

Statement Necklace for the Fall: 

Chloe + Isabel Sculpted Feather Collar Necklace, $98

Off-Duty Looks: Purple Eye Shadow

by Sherria

Olivia: Singer and co-star of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" Photo credit:

The “freakin’ weekend” is here and although it’s gray outside on the East Coast, I’m planning to add a splash of color to my face with purple eye shadow. After seeing a photo of Olivia from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop on last night, I figured I should stop waiting around to use the purple eye shadow kit I bought by Maybelline. Below are a few eye shadows from brands that I trust as well as a couple of makeup tutorials for applying purple eye shadow. I hope you enjoy. Happy Friday!

A*cute picks:

CoverGirl Eye Enhancer, Color: Purple Pop (Any Local Drug Store, $3.19)

MAC Eye Shadow, Color: Parfait Amour (MAC, $15)

Maybelline EyeStudio Eye Shadow, Color: Purple Icon 30 (CVS, $9.99)

I usually experiment with my makeup by watching tutorials on YouTube. Here’s two that I found helpful for purple eye shadow application.

Wednesday Wish List: Leopard Print Chucks and Jason Wu at Target

by Jackie


Ok, [insert sigh here] I was one of those people that didn’t get the whole Concords thing. The retro Jordans caused a frenzy across the country over the holidays, with people lining up for hours to get the limited edition shoes. But, some say tomato, I say “eh.”

Converse Addict Leopard Print Chuck Taylor All Star

Leopard Print Chucks only available on the Japan "Addict" line.

I do, however, love Converse footwear, which is great for the sake of my wallet because they are much more affordable than other sneakers, and offer a lot of style options. I’ve been tracking a leopard print pair for a while, but they are only available through their Japanese site.  (Domo Arigato and Konichiwa is the extent of my Japanese knowledge, thanks to songs by the Styx and Robyn, respectively.)

Luckily for persistent shoppers like me, the Converse website has a design-your-0wn option.

Maybe I should take up shoe designing. Hmmm.

After a few clicks… Voila! My dream Chuck Taylors! I’ve saved my custom design to purchase later. Can’t wait!

Wu is Right on Target

I love luxe for less lines when they’re done right. Target will release Jason Wu’s collection on February 5.  From what I’ve seen so far, I want EVERYTHING! Now you can own pieces from First Lady Michelle Obama’s favorite designer.

On Steady Ground

by Jackie

I was at home during yesterday’s 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Mineral, Virginia that shocked DC. My friends and coworkers had to evacuate their offices after the original tremor hit. Thankfully, I was able to avoid the scramble, instead I took cover in my room. If I’m ever in an emergency at work, I hope that I’m equipped with comfortable shoes that allow me to move quickly.

Early in the season, I bought these Mossimo wedges from Target that I’ve worn nearly every day this summer.

They are uber comfy without sacrificing style. The interlocking straps and the exposed silver zipper in the back give the shoe an edgy look.

Most recently, I wore them with a bright white blazer and a simple black sheath.

Flirting with Old Man Winter

by Sherria

Photo credit: Raven Jones

Yesterday as I looked outside my window to determine the weather (instead of checking the news or I saw big flakes of snow swirling from the sky. Sounds dramatic, but the snowflakes really were swirling. While I would usually pick up the nearest hat, gloves, and scarf I found on the floor of my closet, I decided to do something different; I thought about style instead of warmth. Stupid? As my mother would say “it’s too cold to be cute.” But, I am starting to rethink that position. I had a huge orange and silver scarf in the closet with silver designs that I never wear and a warm cream pea coat in the closet that I don’t like to wear because I don’t want to get it dirty. Well, today I wore that scarf (which is super warm because it’s so big that I can wrap it around my neck multiple times) and I wore the cream coat (I’ll just get it dry cleaned at some point). As, I travel around in the cold weather, I have noticed accessories that allow you to look fashionable while protecting yourself from old man winter. Check out some of the accessories below that may be able to spruce up your winter look.

Fashionable Finds:

Where to buy (clockwise):

1) Juicy Couture ‘mini’ Sequin Hand Warmers (nordstrom, $30)

2) New York Designed New Wave Winter Bomber Faux Fur Aviator Hat (, $19)

3) Knit Circle Scarf (, $30)

4) Lined Leather Gloves (Nordstrom, $60)

5) Echo Pot Top Mittens (, $28)

A*cute picks:

1) ‘Wrap-around’ scarves: As seen in item #3- This scarf is a perfect way to keep your neck warm while adding a little bit of European chic-ness to your outerwear.

2) Bomber Hat: As seen in item #2- I can’t walk down the street in New York without seeing someone with a bomber hat. This hat not only protects your head, but keeps you ears warm. This will save you from buying ear-muffs. You can find these hats anywhere- try the faux-fur quilted bomber hat by Dockers, sold at Sears for $15.

3) Leggings: I wear cotton leggings underneath my slacks to keep the wind from blowing through my pants.    

Winter Leggings (American Apparel, $38)- I usually buy my leggings from Target, Kmart, or Walmart; they are much cheaper.

Cross my heart

by Jackie

I’m so excited about Target’s latest luxury-for-less designer collection from Mulberry.  The British brand  just released its collection for the bargain retailer this month.  While on a Columbus Day Weekend shopping trip with one of my faves, I stopped another fellow shopper sporting a cute black cross-body bag and demanded she tell me asked her where she got it from. “Over there,” she said, pointing to the purse section.  “In Target?” I asked in disbelief.  Sure enough, two minutes later, I was in purse heaven.


Mulberry's cross-body "Lily" bag is priced at $650.



This Mulberry For Target cross-body bag cost me less than $30!